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The heights to which you will soar are equivalent to the depths within you are willing to explore. Enlightenment is a staircase that leads in both directions at the same time. To be Light, know your darkness – to be conscious, know your unconscious behavior – to know your truth, know the lies you live, to know who you are, discover whom you have not been. To know your spirituality, discover your humanity. Dive deep… Fly high. Know thyself. 

In Love, Of Love, With Love… Simran  

Simran Singh, award winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine & 11:11 Talk Radio, has released a powerful new book, Conversations With The Universe, guiding how signs, symbols and synchronicity are the way the world speaks to us. Simran states, ‘You are not on a journey, YOU are the journey!’ Readers of Conversations With The Universe receive FREE support videos, meditations and audios at:
www.ConversationsWithTheUniverse.com – www.simran-singh.com