#8 Ftiness Point 

So we are at the end of the word.  By the end of this post you would have “Work Through F.I.T.T.N.E.S.S”.  As stated in the first post of this series the E is for Empirical, the first S is for Simple and the last S is for Satisfying.    To make sure that there is no confusion, I am making sure to have these three letters together.  The question I get is, “How can something be simple and empirical at the same time; and if something is too simple didn’t you say that it would lead to boredom that is not good for someone because they will just stop?”  So in this post I will answer that question, both parts and make sure not to conflict with what I have posted in the past.

So let’s deal with the E first, seeing that it comes before the 2 S’s.  When something is empirical it is capable of being verified or disproved by observation or experiment.  So, something that can be logically tracked and measured is something that is empirical.  So, make sure to track what you do so that it can be measured with criteria that you generate to rate progress.   If you run, track time and mileage and measure your outcomes with one another.  If you, lift weights make sure to track and measure exercises, sets, repetitions, weight and time of workouts.  If you change your diet make sure to note what you eat, why you eat it, and what effects it has on your body to make sure the results rationally and logically match-up to your fitness goals.   No matter what you do generate a system of measurement that is based on coherent and sound data taken from your fitness routine.

The first S stands for Simple.  Make sure that your fitness routine is not complicated.  Now this is where the questioning starts and this is how I answer the first part of the two part question.  By simple I mean what is simple for you.  As you grow and develop on your fitness journey your measurement and tools may become more advanced.  For someone that is just starting out with running they me only first track how many times a week they actually run.  Now, through time they may add different factors such as time, distance, weather and topography into their fitness matrix.  Doing this all in the beginning of their journey may make things not simple; however, through time, with growth and appropriate development of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual skill, their fitness matrix may become seemingly more and more complex to an outside observer; however, completely simple to the person on the fitness journey.

Moving to the last S, which is for satisfying, will end this series.  Make sure that what you do, whatever it is you do is satisfying.  Make sure that it, whatever it is you are doing on your fitness journey is efficient and just effective.  Make sure that at the end of the day you can stand proud and tall for what you did.  For some it may be walking a mile non-stop.  For others, it may be not eating, or eating, certain foods.  All and all make sure that you are able to lovingly state to yourself and others that you are proud of what you accomplished within and at any time period.  Here’s a tip, stop calling cheat days “cheat days”; call them “earned reward time”, look forward to doing things that you see as difficult and champion yourself after completing them.  Surround yourself with people that support what you do.  Let yourself feel worthy of praise.  Be able to accept the satisfaction of doing.   Have a fire and yearning that has to be filled, without desire there can be no satisfaction.

Measurable, simple to your skill level and sates your desires.  These things your fitness journey must contain. 


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