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Have you ever noticed that the Universe seems to always conspire on our behalf… even when we thin it is not the case. It is amazing to receive so many stories from people as they read Conversations With The Universe. The book has been a way to validate the experiences for many… and has also opened the way for many to be more aware of what is really going on around them. 

From Kimberley…

     Simran… My husband and I would always say 11:11 to each other when talking on the phone… We had the full understanding that we would hang up if either of our bosses came in the room at that time. My husband passed away January 2013 and I have been turning and bowing my head because those numbers have been too painful for me… 11:11 continued showing itself to me everyday. Now I can hold my head high and take in the peace and spirit of seeing 11:11. Thank you. Now I understand.

 The time has come to believe again in all the things that are magical… to return t that playful wonder of the child not only knowing magic exist, but also expecting it to arise. Will you let the beauty of what surrounds you connect with you in a deeper way. I ask you to consider… You are not on a journey. Love, YOU ARE THE JOURNEY and every piece and part along the way. I invite you into the magical understanding of the cosmos. Move beyond the heads need to now science … Move past the ritual of religiosity or even spirituality.. and step into wonder, discovery and your own direct experience. You are experience, experiencing itself. It is time you might want to tap into your ‘Conversations With The Universe’…  ( Don’t forget to go to the website for your FREE support audios, meditations, and videos… all at www.ConversationsWthThe Universe.com)


In Love, Of Love,

With Love… Simran   

Simran Singh, award winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine & 11:11 Talk Radio, has released a powerful new book, Conversations With The Universe, guiding how signs, symbols and synchronicity are the way the world speaks to us. Simran states, ‘You are not on a journey, YOU are the journey!’ Readers of Conversations With The Universe receive FREE support videos, meditations and audios at:
www.ConversationsWithTheUniverse.com – www.simran-singh.com