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Andrew Pitcher & Chief searching for survivors of the Moore, OK tornado, May 2013

Photo: Bonnie Vculek – Enid News & Eagle


September is “We Have Not Forgotten” Month

Honoring America’s First Responders 

During the month of September, the Search Dog Foundation is  

honoring our nation’s First Responders… two- and four-legged!


Visit SDF’s Facebook for interviews with Search Dog handlers and trainers,  

deployment recollections, photos and news clips.


Video interview with Eric & Ben (60 seconds) 

Wilma on VoiceAmerica Radio Interview (60 minutes)


What does the work of our nation’s firefighters,  

paramedics, police, and rescue workers mean to YOU?  


What do you feel about the 17 brave firefighters who lost their lives in the Arizona fires, or the men and women working to contain the Yosemite blaze? How did you feel when you saw Search Dogs combing the rubble of this year’s deadly Midwest tornadoes, Hurricane Katrina, or the World Trade Center tragedy?  What do you think of when you hear the sound of an ambulance in your neighborhood, the minutes ticking by, with a life in the balance?


We invite you to join us in recognizing the amazing people and canines –  

like those below… who risk their lives to save others:






At 9:15pm on Friday, Aug. 30th, SDF Search Teams Dennis DiMarzio & Ty, Ron Horetski & Pearl and Andy Olvera & Stetson were deployed to a collapsed house in East Los Angeles to search the structure and confirm that no one had been trapped in the wreckage. This was Ron & Pearl’s third deployment – having responded to the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and the Japan earthquake/tsunami in 2011. It was Dennis & Ty and Andy & Stetson’s first deployment.



Pearl searching


Stetson searching

Says Andy: “I felt well prepared when the call came in. With all the training we have done, I knew right away from Stetson’s body language that he wasn’t finding live human scent. We checked all the voids and spaces in the structure and I felt confident my partner was telling me no one had been left behind.”


Disasters will happen. It’s only a matter of time. We are grateful for your support of this special group of First Responders. Thanks to you they’re ready to respond – to any situation – whenever the call comes.


Captain Dennis DiMarzio and Ty 

Ty was recruited from Southern Oregon Humane Society 

Medford, OR  


Captain Ron Horetski
and Pearl

Pearl was recruited from High Sierra Animal Rescue  

Portola, CA  


Captain Andy Olvera
and Stetson

Stetson was recruited from Labs & Friends Rescue

San Diego, CA