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Divine Aspects of the Divine State of Being

 While the brain and the nervous system evolves as a result of the life force energy known as Kundalini, the body transforms itself to adapt to the new stages of change.

Here are some of the states one may encounter while on this journey, or an arrival of permanent stages after a full awakening has occurred.

Divine Awareness: A full awareness that you are pure consciousness and all of existence known and unknown is an illusion created only by you; everything that you see, hear, taste, smell and touch are physical manifestations and are representations of your spiritual internal.  

Divine Madness: An uncontrollable emotional, mental, psychological and physical reaction, the after effects of a full God awakening, happily losing one’s sanity; where one will eventually find at the lost & found within the vastness of the authentic self.

Divine Comedy: When one is in a state of awakening, fully understanding the cosmic punchline to the greatest joke and the only joke that can never be told.

Divine Laughter: Pouring tears of heavenly joy. When the act of this uncontrollable gut-wrenching laughter becomes the noun, and the one who laughs hysterically becomes the verb; the humorous gesture is the performer and the one who’s totally in sync and amused by this earth shattering comedic event is the very act itself.

Divine Sorrow: Sentiments of the heart. A deeply cathartic, yet humbling feeling of missing heaven, which is home sweet home; the tearful yearning for a paradise which you’ve never left, but believed you have.

Divine Suffering: Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes; one who willingly and purposely takes on the pain and suffering of others (e.g. Mother Teresa or  Mahatma Ghandi). This could also mean one who can feel the pain and suffering of the whole universe; or take on the weight of sin as Christ did during his crucifixion. Feeling the pain of others is the highest level of empathy when felt at its very core.

Divine Coma: A comatose state of nothingness, an emptiness, a feeling of nothing felt, an experience that cannot be recalled once one is in waking consciousness; but having an absolute knowing that there’s an aspect of you that is forever in this state.

Divine Orgasm: A full body spasm  brought on by non-sexual stimuli; an intimate act between you the personal ego & the authentic you which is the soul. Many believe this to be the holy sexual union between the created and the one who creates, which is one in the same.

Divine Intoxication: A total state of drunkenness, but where one is fully functional; a holy drunken state as if one recently drank the water that Jesus turned into wine.

Divine High: Another altered state of consciousness, a stoned feeling of one smoking a substance from the plantation of the burning bush that has spoken unto Moses.

Divine Bliss: The feeling of golden light flowing through every vein while every single molecule explodes in ecstasy. A feeling beyond any level of joy, happiness or euphoria. A sensational feeling of the sunrise shining from within; a glorious heavenly flow, which is your true natural state of being.

One starts to realize that the states of all human feelings & emotions are forever changing; though this stage of bliss has its peaks and valleys, this level of personal evolution is everlasting.

What I have briefly mentioned will differ from person to person and individual perspectives may be different from my own; these are only short examples – there are many other states not presented here.

If any of these experiences occur, do not become attached to any of them, just be the observer, enjoy what you’ve witnessed then continue on your path – there’s something even greater than all of these combined; I cannot find the words to explain what it is, nor could I ever express what it feels like, but I’ll say this: The kingdom of heaven is at hand – already within your grasp, already within your reach. See you t[here].    


Morgan O. Smith

Morgan O. Smith is a former Stand-up Comedian & Television Host turned Mystic & Philosopher. He is a 2001 Gemini Award Winning Writer and has been nominated for The Gemini’s People’s Choice Awards:Canada’s Favorite Comic back in 2003.Morgan has been studying Eastern Philosophy & Metaphysics, and has been practicing meditation for over a decade. Morganis also a Certified Meditation Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Brainwave Entrainment Facilitator.  Morgan holds a Teacher’s Certificate in Transformation Meditation and is the creator of Yinnergy – which is the latest advancement in brainwave entrainment technology, based on Marko Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics.  Morgan is the Host of the highly anticipated radio show, Sight beyond Sight will be airing later this year on Voice America. Sight beyond Site is an opinionated conversational show tackling subject matters such as Mysticism, Metaphysics, Meditation, Spirituality and Non-Duality.

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