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Life Beyond Life: What’s Next & How to Get Ready

Stories from a Nurse Healer & Psychotherapist

Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, RN, CEMP/S/I, CHTP, HTCP

How can this be?  Am I imagining this?  No one prepared me for what I have and am experiencing.  Should I take the risk to share my multi-dimensional stories?  Yes!  The time is now, to tell my stories of Life Beyond Life.  It is not that I want or need to convince you or anyone there is Life Beyond Life, I simply want to share my experiences and my truth over a 36 year journey in helping individuals and families heal and grow.  What you do or don’t do in your life, can and will affect your afterlife experience.  The power is in your hands to shape your path, to explore new territory and come to peace with death and dying.  You can choose to ignore the opportunity or embrace it.  Dr. Bulbrook will be giving guidelines and insights on how to get ready for your Life Beyond Life.  What you do or don’t do matters and makes a difference.  The discussion will include contact with angels, spirit guides, stories from my faculty and from those who are in the process of dying and or have passed.  Listen to Wise Chats on demand here.

 dr bulbrook

Dr Bulbrook was co-founder and director of training of  Hospice Salt Lake in Utah during the 1970’s.  In that role she became intimately aware of individuals, families and communities needs during dying and death.  Walking with a person and family during the dying process enriches one’s life beyond words.  Opening to “see on the other side” however came not in that role but through her early spiritual life.  Spirits starting coming to her and speaking at an early age but this ability did not take shape until her adult life.  During her studies in Healing Touch and through her own work as a family therapist and psychotherapist, doors opened to other dimensions as she developed her senses beyond the ordinary five.  She became a channel to receive and give messages to clients from the other side and vice versa.  She has presented at the  Rhine center, an international community dedicated to research and discovery of paranormal phenomena as well at other professional meetings worldwide.