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What is responsibility and how do we interpret it? Hosts Youngjoo Ahn and Katelyn Darrow believe that being responsible means being dependable, accountable, having integrity, walking your talk, and exhibiting the authority to act. Global Youth Reporter, Ryan Sim talks about the international security and human rights norms known as the “Responsibility to Protect” or “R2P” with the moral responsibility to prevent and stop genocides, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity. #Hashtag reporter Alex Lee, talks about the physical, mental, and sociological responsibility that individuals of being a social networker. Our youth hosts interview our special guest, 17 year old recording artist, Roxie Bardo, who shares her discipline and responsibility ways of doing business in the recording world. Originally from Tennessee, currently residing in Los Angeles, Roxie is a professional songwriter as well as the owner of Roxie Bardo Entertainment (P) 2013.

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