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It’s Never Too Late for Happy Memories

It’s been said that no one gets out of this world alive. Perhaps the better axiom is that no on gets out of this world unscathed by hurtful memories.  Frank Healy’s newest book, Heal Your Memories, Change your Life, offers a way to live fully while remembering the positive and deleting the negative.  Known as The Memory Healer, Frank is rather unique in that he is one of only thirty-three people in the world to have been tested and classified by the University of California as possessing Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory. Healy remembers every day of his life since he was six years old including the day of the week, the weather, current events, and personal activities. Blessed (or cursed) with this intelligence set him on a path to help others deal with their memories. He became a licensed professional counselor, life coach, and author. With the informative exercises in Heal Your Memories, Change your Life, he gently nudges the reader to remember the past by using all our senses and to take cognizant control of our thoughts, memories, and emotions.

Whether one has had a happy childhood or a rough time growing up, Healy shows us how today truly is the first day in creating a joyful memory. He teaches us ways to hold on to the good and throw out the bad or painful. By writing down answers to simple questions, we are lead on a journey to discover our own self-worth through the lessons of hard knocks. We can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones and learn to bounce higher. Everything that happens in life is a teaching moment to make us stronger, smarter, and savvier, if we allow ourselves to find the lemonade in the lemons. 

Heal Your Memories, Change your Life offers big servings of humor through comical illustrations with a refreshing message.  The fourteen chapters resonate with true-life stories from real people, used with permission, as they traveled the road to memory healing.  Readers are instructed to keep a journal or write on a computer, but the important thing is to record the answers to the questions in each chapter in order to heal the memories and move forward. 

Whether we want to improve a relationship, find the right career, make more money, or be a better person, Healy encourages us to change our beliefs to change our life. Everyone in life lives through tragedy, disappointment, abandonment, and upheaval at some point during our years on this earth. He shows us that it’s not what happens to us that defines us, but how we respond and react to any situation that will determine our memories. We’ll find ourselves laughing, crying, shouting, pouting, and being grateful as we doctor the pain, alter our feelings, and reconnect with the happy times.

Most of all, we’ll be made aware of how truly awesome it is to remember.



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