As people who know me would attest to, I talk about manifesting all the time. My kids sometimes get a little over mom’s “rah rah” talk because, let’s face it, isn’t it easier to wallow in your stuff than to try to turn your life around?  Turning our lives around takes some work and who wants to vest that kind of time?  I am their constant reminder – envision the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other…yeah, that’s me – wings, halo and all encouraging them to live their best life.  What makes me so qualified to talk about manifesting?  Well, I have been on the other side, wallowing in all that was wrong, allowing illness to creep in and misery to be the outcome. After living through illness, depression and an eventual suicide attempt, my personal healing journey allowed me to understand that our thoughts and actions are what we manifest in our lives.  Looking back, if I had the tools and knowledge I have now, I would never have fallen into such despair.  I also understand that I had to endure that terrible experience in order to come full circle.  Now I can share with all my closest peeps, not to mention the whole world, information to help others heal and create the possibilities they were meant to live.  We only have ourselves to blame for not living the life we want and deserve. Once we get off the merry-go-round of blaming everyone else for our problems, then we can take a deep breath and go forward.  Changing the vibrations you emanate is the key.  You can say you are positive, but if you don’t “feel” it, then nothing will change.  To be able to truly change your circumstances, start with your thoughts and then feel it as if it is already a done deal.  Some strong examples in my life in the past two years have been the “knowing” that the perfect mate was there for me.  I knew what I wanted, what I didn’t want (all from experience!) and I was thankful that person was there for me and when it was the right time, I would meet them. No worries and no neediness.  When you request something from the Universe, set your intentions, feel it as the truth, then let it go, it manifests. That simple!  So, when I least expected it, bammo, it happened!  My soul mate walked in very unexpectedly, but it was the perfect time because I was ready for this healthy relationship.  Next was moving back to Virginia Beach.  I knew I wanted to walk out my front door and onto the beach within minutes and we were guided to the right house on a road we had never been on before.  Now, I live in a beautiful location with a lake on one side and the Chesapeake Bay on the other.  I can be on the beach in 2 minutes, no lie. The secret to that was just setting my intention and knowing it would happen. As a matter of fact, I accepted the lease on this house before I even got a job in the area because I “knew” I had the job in the bag.  How did I know?  I manifested the kind of office I wanted to work at and the location and — it happened.  I got the job, the house and the guy.  I agree, I make it sound simple and things were not always that easy for me, but once you believe in yourself and set your intentions, it just happens.  I have healed my body as well.  Anytime I have allowed myself to wallow in worry, fear or self-pity, my symptoms became worse.  It is when I took my health care into my own hands and realized I could heal my body, is when I did heal my body.  I am probably the healthiest I have ever been, not to mention the happiest.  Those are some examples of awesome manifestations but now let me tell you about the newest, and perhaps biggest, life changing manifestation to date. As I was miserable working in law (doing it for over 28 years), I would sit at my desk with my headphones on listening to any inspirational shows just to get through the day.  I always knew there was something more for me in this life and that I didn’t have to be stuck in anything.  My old responsible, co-dependent self felt like I had no choice, this was my lot in life.  My soul encouraged so much more (ok, it was kicking and screaming at me so I had to pay attention).  While listening to the most fascinating healers and educators, I would joke with my friend that “just watch, one day you will be listening to me!”  Of course, in my mind I was just dreaming and joking around as the old pattern of not valuing myself was something I was still working on.  My friend, Kacey, however always encouraged it and indicated she knew this would happen because I was already doing it in my every day life – inspiring and encouraging.  Skip forward a few months and I quit my job (which really took guts on my part), started my Nia practice, got serious with my blogging, took various classes, began to work with individuals to help them regain mobility after illness, as well as creating workshops for women to help them transform their lives.  Like fairy dust sprinkling down on me, about two weeks ago I received a call telling me I was referred to an Executive Producer on Voice America and I needed to follow through with this.  It could mean a possible radio show gig.  My old thought pattern came flying back, “I don’t know how to host a show,” “what if I can’t figure it out,” etc.  Doubts, worry, nonsense! So, I got my act together and said “self, you can do this.  You have been manifesting the dream to help people all over the world to create health and wellness in their lives, to walk their talk and to take away the stigma from depression and suicide.”  What better venue than a worldwide Internet radio show!  Getting myself together, I went through the interview process and felt totally confident, knowing this is what the Universe had in store for me all along.  Still unbelievable but so exciting, my first show launches on November 21, 2013 at 4:00 pm EST on Voice America’s Health and Wellness channel. (check out Appropriately enough, it is called “Cella’s Chat” (pronounced “Chella” as my Italian husband calls me).  Oh, yes, I said husband because my manifestation created a lifelong partnership.  I am telling you, set your sites high, believe in yourself, the sky is the limit, you CAN heal anything and best of all – YOU ARE WORTH IT!  


About Marcella Zappia

Upcoming Host of “Cella’s Chat” on Voice America’s Health & Wellness channel Writer, Nia Instructor, Ageless Grace Educator


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To dream by night is to escape your life. To dream by day is to make it happen.  ― Stephen Richards