There are enormous acts of heroism – from soldiers, police and firefighters, for example.  We celebrate and revere them.  But there are also quiet heroes among us – people who help us feel connected, appreciated and valued at work.  People who bring out the best in us.  Great managers are such heroes.  And so are leaders, co-workers and customers who help us rekindle our passion and revel in our unique strengths.  With those heroes in mind, what can each of us do to shine a light on our own partners?   Join us this week on a Great Place to Work, as we celebrate all the people who make us better, day in and out.

Curt Coffman is co-host of the show A Great Place to Work  on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.  He and his co-cost, Dr. Kathie Sorensen are founding partners of The Coffman Organization, Inc. and co-authors of the soon to be released Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch: The Secret to Extraordinary Performance.

Curt Coffman, MBA, is a New York Times Bestselling Author, researcher, business scientist, and consultant to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations. He co-authored one of the best-selling management books of all time, First Break All the Rules, What the World’s Greatest Managers do Differently and Follow this Path; How the World’s Greatest Organizations Drive Growth by Unleashing Human Potential.

Dr. Kathie Sorensen’s expertise and passion lies in the development of human talent. A former global practice leader for talent selection and development at the Gallup Organization, she has personally studied thousands of top performers across industries and roles. Her leadership and management development work has touched the lives of individuals, managers and leaders, helping people in all roles build a better place to work.

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