The Twittersphere, Facebookiverse, and soapcentral.com message boards have been lighting up recently thanks to some controversial storylines. For episode 199 of Soap Central Live, we’re inviting our most special guests to participate in the show: the fans. We couldn’t have made it to our 200th episode without our listeners, so we’re making sure that you have the opportunity to call in and talk about whatever is on your mind about your favorite soaps.

       The Young and the Restless’ decision to kill off little Delia has some fans outraged, while others are lamenting that the storyline may be too much like reality. The Bold and the Beautiful has always been known for its love triangles, but do fans want to see something more than torn lovers? And how do you feel about B&B’s decision to bring in Thorsten Kaye as a recast for Ronn Moss’s Ridge Forrester? General Hospital’s Robin may be back, but will she ever be released — and how many more masks does the soap have up its sleeve? Another Days of our Lives gathering resulted in bloodshed, and several of the show’s younger performers are set to exit. Will the exits hurt the show’s momentum?

We’re interested in hearing from you. Be a part of the show: Join us on Friday, October 18 at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific and call in to 866.472.5788 to share your thoughts.

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