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Guests: Akamai University Doug Capogrossi, President, Christine Ross, PhD, Graduate in Energy Medicine and Leslie Whitcomb, MA, Doctoral Student Applied EcoPsychology

Evolutionary Education what is it?  Why do we need it?  How is this education different?  Dr. Doug Capogrossi, Akamai University President and Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, Director of Complementary Therapies will describe some exciting opportunities offered through AU.  Whole Person Learning will be illustrated by Leslie Whitcomb who has an innovative model of education based on her years of study, interest and research in applied ecopsychology. Dr. Christina Ross research is on the cutting edge of medical science conducted at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.  Her research investigated how the body used various electrmagnetic frequencies to transmit different types of information from cell to cell when the body is recovering from disease. The scope of what is possible when a scholarly environment is provided for faculty and students to engage in visionary learning that gets to address questions that solve problems for planet earth and those who are caretakers of this rich resource.  Evolutionary Education: Whole Person Learning time has come! 

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Aloha. Welcome to the Akamai University!                                                                                            

Akamai is an international university operating at the frontier of higher learning.  As a nonprofit non-governmental organization, we have dedicated our efforts toward the betterment of the human condition and sustainability of the planet.

Together, we strive for a world filled with greater peace, balance, cooperation, and the promise of an evolved human fellowship.


Guest Speakers:

Dr. Douglas Capogrossi, President of Akamai University

Dr. Capogrossi earned his Bachelors in Business Administration, his Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and his Ph.D. in Adult and Continuing Education from Cornell University, where he completed an extensive dissertation investigating the effectiveness of the American education system. Dr. Capogrossi has administered a variety of formal and non-formal education programs including distance learning colleges, trade apprenticeships, work experience projects and on-the-job training within industry and the human services, distance learning training programs for industry, and adult job training through center-based programs. He has coordinated innovative community-based education and work-experience projects for troubled youth at public and private institutions, and has more than eight years’ experience developing and instructing innovative education programs for adult inmates in Hawaii correctional facilities.

Dr. Christina Ross, Recent PhD Graduate of AU

Christina Ross, PhD, is a board-certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP) practicing energy medicine for over a decade.  She has received bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and physics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a PhD in Energy Medicine from Akamai University in Hilo, Hi.  Her dissertation involved research at the Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine, studying the effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on cell signaling in an inflammatory response model.  Her recent published text is:  Christina L. Ross, PhD, BCPP. Etiology: How to Detect Disease in Your Energy Field Before It Manifests in Your Body. Copyright© 2013 by Christina L. Ross. Publisher: Xlibris Corporation (March 13, 2013), Library of Congress control number: ISBN-13: 978-1479781690.  This scholarly work offers the definitive work in Energy Medicine.

Leslie Whitcomb, Phd Candidate in Applied EcoPsychologyLeslie Whitcomb, M.Sc., Ph.D. candidate, Child Development in Applied Ecopsychology has been counseling and educating families for thirty years. Her early focus on Post-Partum Adjustment and training in Parent-Infant Mental Health inform her understanding of how biology, neurodevelopment and cultural family patterns impact child and family wellness.  Leslie’s indigenous heritage and her immersion in Earth based ways of knowing and learning impact her understanding of the importance of recognizing sensory interconnection as well as empirical analysis in family studies and research. Leslie is currently finishing a dissertation detailing the ecopsychology of child development. Her research design is based in defining ontologies for, and recording longitudinal data from, self-efficacy measures in learning outcomes. Specifically, learning outcomes from courses designed to balance cognitive learning with sensory learning activities

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Emails:  Dr. Doug Capogrossi,  dcapogrossi@gmail.com (Hawaii), Christina Ross, PhD, chrross@wakehealth.edu,  Leslie Whitcomb, Leslielynn13@gmail.com


Dr Bulbrook was co-founder and director of training of  Hospice Salt Lake in Utah during the 1970’s.  In that role she became intimately aware of individuals, families and communities needs during dying and death.  Walking with a person and family during the dying process enriches one’s life beyond words.  Opening to “see on the other side” however came not in that role but through her early spiritual life.  Spirits starting coming to her and speaking at an early age but this ability did not take shape until her adult life.  During her studies in Healing Touch and through her own work as a family therapist and psychotherapist, doors opened to other dimensions as she developed her senses beyond the ordinary five.  She became a channel to receive and give messages to clients from the other side and vice versa.  She has presented at the  Rhine center, an international community dedicated to research and discovery of paranormal phenomena as well at other professional meetings worldwide.

Website: www.energymedicinepartnerships.com

Email: maryjo@energymedicinepartnerships.com