Chris Cooper, one of VoiceAmerica’s premiere hosts took some time to shine some light on his history, goals for the future and why he loves helping people become the best they truly can be.  His show Be More. Achieve More.  airs Fridays at 8 am Pacific time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.


1.)    What did you want to be growing up as a child?

I wanted to be in the navy purely because a friend’s father had been to lots of exciting places. I became absolutely fascinated by maps and travel. I really wanted to visit lots of countries and experience different cultures. I can remember dreaming about what it would be like to visit the United States of America for example. This changed once I experienced sea sickness and I have since been fortunate to travel extensively without needing to be on a ship for many days!

2.)    After you accomplished everything on your goals list by 40 years old, did you make a new list? If so, what types of goals did you set?

Absolutely. I decided that I wanted to establish my own business in the talent development field and become a really great speaker. I also decided that I wanted to learn to play the electric guitar well and dreamed that one day I might sound like some of my rock guitar hero’s. Am delighted to say all is nicely on track.

3.)    What is the best thing about giving people advice, guidance and leadership?

It is absolutely about seeing them realize their true potential. Helping and Inspiring someone whether it is an individual or a company to become the best they can be is truly rewarding. Seeing them achieve the results and also be really appreciative for your help in their journey is a marvellous thing. Through my work I have created a massive international network of friends and for this I am truly grateful

4.)    How did you decide to become a radio show host?

I began by running teleseminars on books that I had found empowering like ‘Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill’. This then moved into me interviewing people on them in front of a live audience. The recordings I put on my site. However, I began to feel that there was more I could do with this and a call from Voice America inspired me to take this to a new level.

5.)    How has having a radio show changed your life?

Over what has now been over 2 years the benefits have become significant. I wanted to add value to an audience beyond my client list and it gave me this. However, what I expected was that the value would come from the audience. Although, I have picked up clients directly from the show what has developed is an incredible network and I count many of the amazing people I have interviewed as personal friends. I have for example had fascinating people such as entrepreneurs, mountaineers and adventurers stay at my house and inspire my children. If for example my children were doing homework I could put them on skype to talk with a world champion or a top business leader who would be delighted to help. I have a network of people who want to help me because I have given them a gift of being on the show and with some of them like Deri Llewellyn-Davies, Asara Lovejoy, David Kean and Mette Bloch we are working jointly together on significant projects. Also, after what will be 100 shows this month (October 2013) I have developed great interview skills. This year I have interviewed clients about 20 times on video and have also spoken at events held by people I have interviewed. I have developed a new revenue stream from it. What has happened is some of the celebrity from my guests in a small way has rubbed off in me and I have become a person people really want to know and work with! I am surprised when I turn up at events and occasionally strangers are excited to see me. Pretty cool heh! Also, my show has received a free monthly page in ‘The Small Business Owner Magazine’ for the IPAD plus been featured in ‘The Family Business Owner Magazine’. My interview ‘How to Shine, From Good to World Class’ has also been selected to feature in ‘Business Gold’ – 24 of the most inspiring articles, videos and audio features shared by experts and small business owners from around the world.

6.)    What books are you reading right now?

I am reading the Millionare Messenger by Brendon Burchard which I am also studying with my mentoring Group. Also, BGI Strategy on a Page by my friend Deri ap John Llewellyn Davis. However, alot of attention is going on my own book that I am writing with show guest Dr Steven Levinson about ‘Accountability’.

7.)    If you could interview one person dead or alive on your show who would it be and why?

Clearly someone like Richard Branson or Barack Obama would be fascinating. But being a guitar player I would love to interview Brian May of Queen because he had such a unique and intelligent guitar sound and the Queen brand became huge. That guy is seriously clever.  I actually briefly met him this year and my wife took a photo of us. Unfortunately, when we got back to the car her finger had been over the lens directly over his head. Her friends said I bet Chris was really angry.  The truth was we laughed all the way home!

8.)    Generally speaking, what are some of the best/challenging characteristics of entrepreneurs?

I think entrepreneurs have many different styles. However, I think the best really know what they want and are able to get into action and make it happen overcoming any obstacles in their way. It is vision, tenacity and resilience plus the ability to engage with others who fill skill and knowledge gaps and can add further value and leverage to an opportunity. The challenges include frustration as results don’t always come fast enough. I also think that many people move from jobs and go into their own business for personal freedom and to get away from line managers and appraisals, tough meetings etc. For me, I realised that as an entrepreneurial business owner you must make sure that you are highly accountable and have mechanisms in place to ensure you do the things you need to do whether you feel like it or not. This is why I speak about the importanc of Accountability and how to turn your intentions into results.

9.)    What do you see yourself doing professionally in 10 years?

In 10 years, I will have a sizeable business helping clients develop their talent and supporting them to elevate their status as trusted advisors to their clients. I will also be speaking prolifically at conferences and regularly interviewed on radio and TV. I would personally love to host a TV show about ‘Business as a Force for Good’. There will also be a significant portfolio of fabulous products available on line and we will be doing our bit for charity. Hence very much a larger version of today, having an even bigger impact and utilising great technology available in the marketplace at that time. 


Chris Cooper is host of the show, Be More. Achieve More on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.  He has a reputation for helping corporate and entrepreneurial leaders and teams transform their performance. He began his career working for large global branded companies such as Rank Xerox and Mars. Working in sales, marketing, HR, training, procurement and logistics progressing to board level.

Wanting greater personal freedom, Chris began setting up businesses. His first was a procurement consultancy that he set up with partners. By its second year it turned over two million pounds. However, the business was not in full alignment with his purpose, which is to inspire individuals and organizations to realize their true potential. Today, he achieves this through business mentoring, coaching, bespoke training, consultancy, writing, speaking and broadcasting

Through Be More.Achieve More, Chris helps those who have changed careers or are contemplating doing so to create and build their own businesses and also employees who wish to take responsibility for their own personal development. Chris provides the inspiration for these successful transitions.

Chris also has a corporate development consultancy, CC1 Consulting that helps leaders develop themselves and their people for greater results. He lives in Leicestershire, England with his wife Ruth and two young boys.