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Religious beliefs, bad personal experiences and ignorance can bring shame and dysfunction into intimate relationships, gay or straight. Spirituality can help us heal by supporting the release of old traumas and deepening our experience of Oneness, intimacy and energetic connection. Let’s discuss how. Hear from Todd and Christine Benton, who have been in a Sex & Spirituality program for many years. Learn about their challenges, as well as their victories over old patterns of alienation and disconnection. Host Beth Green will share as well. Beth has been teaching programs about Sex & Spirituality for over 30 years. And enjoy the unique perspectives of our guest hosts, the guru and Madam Mazurka! Whether you or your partner has a block to sexuality or an obsession with the act itself, this show could offer you both the comfort that you’re not alone and some guidance as to how to overcome the blocks to your own and your partner’s fulfillment. Tune in, email questions or call in live!

Guest Biographies:


Todd Benton

Todd Benton is a website and graphic designer who also advises on technology and relationship marketing. He launched his first client website in 1997 for renowned acrylic furniture designer Charles Hollis Jones. Since then, he has co-created dozens of websites for coaches, consultants, authors, artists and other small business owners. His natural instinct for visual design was cultivated by working with his father, a 4-time academy award nominated set decorator for feature films. Todd also has 20 years of media, marketing and sales experience and a history of obtaining media coverage by major outlets. He holds a bachelor’s degree in radio and television from San Francisco State. In addition to his work with clients, Todd is Executive Director of The Stream, a non-profit organization and spiritual community. Todd lives in Bonsall with his wife Christine and their two young boys. He’s been working from home full time for the past 12 years, sharing in housekeeping and raising his sons.

Christine Benton Photo

Christine Benton

Christine is a public relations professional with a deep love of spirituality. She has been a participant in and promoter of many of the programs of The Stream, a non-profit organization and spiritual community. She credits these workshops and the teachings of Beth Green with helping her to evolve in all of her relationships, at work, in her marriage and in her family. She has been married for 13 years to her husband, Todd, and is the mother of two children. She has also been in the field of PR for 13 years, previously working as a writer and editor in technology and public policy. She was born and raised in San Diego, with a Japanese mother and Caucasian father, and also spent a few years of her youth living in Springfield, Virginia. Many of her early years consisted of struggling to accept her race and understand her identity, though over time through healing work and spiritual practices these distinctions have started to disappear. She is a very astute observer of herself and life.


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