Voiceamerica is presenting VIP Mastercast  with Maria Ngo and Ray Dugray, hosts and producers of a positive television talk show based out of Las Vegas creators of VIPmasterCast.  Maria and Ray will be talking with their Guest Ryan Treasure, VP of Broadcast Operations for Voiceamerica, to talk about company branding and how to reach out to your target audience.  Ryan has been with VoiceAmerica since 2004 and oversees the engineering and production department for VoiceAmerica. He ensures all the hosts have a positive experience with their engineers and keeps over 300 shows per week running smoothly.  Ryan also spearheads the technology advancements of VoiceAmerica’s radio platform and is constantly tweaking, bettering, and progressing the features and functionality of the Network’s listening environment.

Ryan has been involved in broadcasting for fifteen years, with an emphasis on New Media Production and Delivery for the last eight years. Ryan is a true techie. He has made audio and video production in the new media broadcasting space both a career and a passion. He has produced everything from live concerts, corporate events, and terrestrial radio to Internet Radio, commercial/educational video shoots and live web broadcasting. When asked what he enjoys about his job he stated, “I enjoy the technology behind Creating, Producing, Syndicating, and Broadcasting content. VoiceAmerica is always looking for innovative team centric people and technology to make delivery more Interactive.”


Ryan Treasure

In the interview video below, you will see Ryan describe more in detail how to improve your marketing strategies.  Listen as Ryan will talk about three main ways to improve your brand.

1. First things first, if you don’t have a brand get one.  A brand isn’t just a logo but a positive message you give to your clients and the world.  Once you developed a brand that you like and encompasses your ideas, stick with it.  Keep in mind to add the element of  interest.  Make sure your brand grabs peoples attention and keeps them interested.

2. Step two, creating assets for your brands.  In other words, showcasing your brand.  By using assets like photography, videos and print media to promote your brand which can be more compatible for various media outlets.  And the most important part, make sure ALL your assets  reflect your message.

3. And last but not least,  if your not an expert in branding, your not alone.  Reach out and find people who can help you through the steps.  In order for your brand to look professional its important to hire professionals to do the work if your unsure what to do.  And lets not forget about technical difficulties you might run into.  Either bad sound audio or video can also interrupt the message your sending out to other people.  So good hardware is must, from microphones or internet glitches.

Watch the entire interview below with Maria Ngo and Ray Dugray with their Guest Ryan Treasure.


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Ryan also gives some examples using Voiceamerica and some of the hosts he works with in the interview video.  Voiceameica features more than 300 hosts talking about a variety of topics, from sports and finance to health, hobbies, pop culture, business and, well, you name it.

Voiceamerica is a pioneer in original Web-based talk radio programming. In fact, we practically invented it, back in the 1990s. But we’re not resting on our laurels.

They are constantly looking for new ways to deliver information and lively discussions to our ranks of 2.5 million listeners.  Whether its through adoption of cutting-edge technology, more channels, a growing stable of diverse hosts or agreements with top brands for sponsorship of content.