From a very early age, Robin inherently knew how to attract success and wealth.  She attended a prestigious high school, received a scholarship to her favorite college, and attracted prosperity into adulthood.  Robin knew how to overcome negative emotions, such as anger and fear, and remain focused on success throughout her life.  But this way of positive thinking – which was comfortable for Robin from the very beginning – is not always easy to achieve.  People oftentimes go through a rollercoaster of emotion, falling back into negative habits.  So, how can you focus and train your thoughts in order to attract success and wealth like Robin has?  What advice does Robin have to share with the world?

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Do you catch yourself thinking negatively sometimes? Do you carry around a lot of suppressed anger or envy towards others? If so, these thoughts could be holding you back from success without you even realizing it! “Wealthy Thoughts” with Richard Levy will empower you to live a more positive and prosperous life. Richard believes that there are certain thoughts and actions that attract wealth, while others repel it. During this show, Richard provides CLEAR and SIMPLE direction for anyone seeking a positive lifestyle change.  Our Topics include  releasing negativity, anger and abusive relationships, improving health, overcoming debt, following your life’s passion, attracting your dream job and/or soul mate, eliminating fears, the power of affirmations, and more.