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While working on the launch of the Geek Squad brand for Best Buy, Tracy Dyer noticed the women in focus groups she led were always asking why there were no effective and stylish laptop bags for women. Tracy took this unmet need to different vendors, but no one listened. So great was her commitment to this opportunity, she ventured out on her own to design fashionable, functional, fun laptop bags just for women. Her father Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and his teachings played a big part in deciding to leave the corporate world and start Urban Junket. While watching him speak to a few thousand people, he looked right at her and said, ‘Tracy, don’t die with your music still inside you!’ She knew in that moment she could no longer play the game by somebody else’s rules–it was time to create her own game. Three months later, Urban Junket was born. Join us for a big dose of inspiration to start pursuing your own long-deferred dreams. Learn more about Tracy’s work in the world at Urban Junket.

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On Choose Your Energy, Change Your Life, Deborah Jane Wells and her guests help you become more insightful, creative, committed, and productive through clear strategies and practical tools. Deborah helps individuals and organizations learn to harness the transformative power of love to step into their greatness. When we choose fear as our fuel, any of us—individuals and organizations alike—can become stuck in the hamster wheel approach to life. Trapped by the mistaken belief that busyness is the same as purpose, we can’t stand the way we’re living but feel powerless to change. As they work together, Deborah’s clients discover that when you fall in love with yourself, everything else falls into place, personally and professionally. You get unstuck, reclaim your personal power and recapture your zest for living. When love transforms your relationship with yourself, it transforms your personal life, your work and the world. What’s love got to do with it? Everything!