Tune in with Joyce Bender for “Disability Matters” Tuesday Dec. 24th 11 am Pacific Time on the Voiceamerica Variety Channel.  Listen for her upcoming show this week where she will be interviewing her Guest Santa Claus “Disability Matters with Santa Claus”

santa claus

Joyce’s special guest this week is Santa Claus, whom Joyce will be interviewing about his preparations for this special holiday.  During the hour, Joyce will share Santa’s perspective on the importance for all of us to share our time and resources with everyone in need, not only during the holidays, but year-round, and discuss how important it is for us to love one other and work together for the common good.

Competitive employment and empowerment for people with disabilities is the emphasis of this show.  Broadcast live and captioned in real-time for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, we discuss how people with disabilities can secure career opportunities, and how employers, organizations and individuals can support employment and empowerment of people with disabilities.