JUST FOR TODAY, I will write the story of my life in advance.
I will dream big again and play a game with the high potential that my life
is meant to be.
And I will write my story with as much emotion as I can muster, and with
every ounce of the love I have for myself.
And as the tears drop onto the paper on which I write, my heart will open up
to all the glorious opportunities that life can offer me to attain my
My family will be my bastion of hope in a land filled with despair.
To my spouse shall I be a friend, a confidant, a lover, a brother and a true
And to my children shall I be a hero, a mentor and an oracle for truth,
fairness and unflinching love.
My life will stand for love to my Creator, love to my fellow being and love
to myself.
Today, I hold myself accountable to the noble values of integrity, courage
and hope.
Faith shall be my pillar of support in the my times of self-doubt, and
anxiety and worry shall flee from me with the speed of light.
At my table, only the best, and the highest standards in etiquette, decorum
and culture will prevail.
I hold myself firmly to the most noble pedestal in my inter human
relationships, subscribing irrevocably to compassion and empathy for rich,
poor and equal.
On this most magical of all days, I dedicate myself to playing my biggest
and best game as a person.
And the light that I have discovered within me will shine for all to see.
For, will I light a lamp on the hilltop, and then cover it with a shroud?
The chains that have bound me to my comfort zone will be broken today.
The shackles that have restrained my Highest Self from ascending to its
glorious heights will be broken today.
The layers of rust that have covered my gold will come off today, and I will
discover the authentic path to my fortune, and gold shall fill my purse
And I will pamper my body, for it is the temple of my Creator.
I will partake of healthy nourishment that will nurture my body to
Do not apparels make the man? Do I not deserve to step out regally, the
epitome of sartorial elegance?
Savile Row, here I come to be fitted with the snuggest of bespoke suits!
And, when I step out of my suit maker’s salon, all heads will turn in my
direction as I waft along in a subtle fragrance of my earthy cologne.
Today, I shall indulge myself in the best of gastronomic delights at my
favorite gourmet restaurant, where I shall start off with caviar on ice.
Yes, indeed, today I shall live the life of my dreams, for that is the true
story of my life.
And, in my story, I will keep moving towards truth and enlightenment.
I will be willing to visit those places that frighten me, going deeper than
I have ever done.
And, although my life may not turn out in exact consistence with the story I
have written, it will not matter so much, since, in any case, if I do not
know where I am going, just about any road will get me there!
I would rather have a road map in front of me than no map at all.
At least, I will put up my best and allow divine providence to do the rest.
I will do my best and set very clear intentions in the fertile field of all
I will chase my dreams with unequalled passion and commitment.
And then I will repose calmly in my special field of calm and confident
acceptance, content in the knowledge that, in due season, my Creator will
deliver on His promises.
Is life not simply a gentle balance between making things happen and letting
things happen?
Indeed, having set my intentions in the arena of a certain hope for
achievement, I will have the bravery, and the wisdom, to confidently let go.
I will surrender to the ultimate will of the divine, knowing that, whatever
the outcome, it will be for my best purpose, even if it does not appear to
be so at the moment.
Friend, I have come to the fascinating conclusion that life is very much
like a beautiful tapestry woven together.
For, is it not one of life’s greatest and most enduring of lessons that we
often do not receive what we want, but, instead, receive what we need?
And, truly, we always get what is in our best interest.
I am simply mesmerized by the graciousness, and the magic of it all!


Pick up a pen and a paper.
Write out the story of your life.
Welcome to your authentic path to self-discovery and personal destiny.

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