marriedDo you ever wonder what it would be like to be the married couple in the restaurant that is so into each other that you cannot take your eyes off them? Passionate married couples have this something that almost holds you in a trance. The way they look and speak and touch each other has an easy and effortless grace and a deep underlying passion. It feels like you can touch it. Passionate married couples…

1. They touch each other often. Passionate couples touch each other often and in different ways. They have an intimacy in their touching that allows no one else in. They hold hands when they walk together or sit together. It almost seems instinctive for them to reach out for each other and feel the connection. They hug each other often. It is said that it takes 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance and 12 for growth. Passionate couples give good hugs to each other! You know, the kind that make you feel safe and loved…as if you are home. And there is the passing touch. Passionate couples give each other a light touch on the neck or touch each other’s arm as they walk by. Just a little touch that says, “I love you and you are on my mind.”

2. They look each other in the eye and smile. Passionate couples look each other directly in the eye and hold it for a few seconds without looking away. They look and see the heart of their mate… they see their soul. They look at each like they are interested and like they are curious about each other. And they smile at each other. Passionate couples smile with their heart and their eyes at the same time. It’s a smile meant for just two.

3. They show each other off and seem proud of each other. Passionate couples brag on each other’s accomplishments. They talk about each other even when they are not with each other. They offer up each other’s importance and value to the world. They are proud to be married to them and are honored to be a part of the other’s life.

4. They go to bed at the same time. Passionate couples, more often than not, go to bed together at the same time. It’s a sweet time to let go of the day and rest in each other. They re-connect and touch and feel each other physically and emotionally again. Bedtime is a ritual they do together. It’s a time to bond and give a last hug or a kiss for the day.

5. They see beyond the warts. Passionate couples do not see each other as perfect. They see each other’s warts and flaws and imperfections but see beyond those things. They see their mate’s inner light and heart shine and goodness. They see beyond the physical warts like a few extra pounds or a disability. They see beyond health issues or life events that bring additional stress. They see the inside of the person and they love it more than the outside.

6. They take care of each other’s dreams. Passionate couples trust each other with their dreams and know that their dreams are safe. They never make fun or dismiss the dreams of the other. Passionate couples tend and nurture each other’s dreams until the time they can blossom. And they are happy for each other when the time comes and support the dream the best way they can.

7. They have love rituals. Passionate couples have love rituals that belong only to the two of them. They have a cup of coffee in bed together in the morning or they share a glass of wine at the end of the day. Their love ritual is selfish. They allow no one else because passionate couples choose to make their most important person the only person at times. Becoming a passionate couple doesn’t take a lot of hard work. It only takes a heart full of desire! Wishing you all the romance your heart can hold!

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