Cooper-player-wideOn Friday April 25th, Chris Cooper will be talking with one of the most inspirational 19 year olds of his generation (Stephen Sutton) and top motivational MC, speaker and author (Mike Pagan) in a show entitled ‘No More Procrastination with Stephen’s story’. Please note this show was pre-recorded on the 8th April 2014 prior to Stephen sadly being taken very ill as widely reported across many media channels.

About Stephen Sutton
Stephen Sutton has been battling cancer since the age of 15. On January 13th 2013, shortly after finding out his disease was incurable, Stephen made a Facebook page called “Stephen’s Story”. On the page he outlined a bucketlist of 46 things he wanted to achieve in the near future. Since creating the page Stephen’s following has grown exponentially, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people with his positivity and passion for life. He has achieved more than most would in a lifetime; resulting in him winning countless awards in recognition of his inspirational work, most notably raising over £560,000 for a teenage cancer charity in just one year. Since this show was pre-recorded, Stephen has sadly been taken very ill and he posted a farewell post on his facebook page. Within 24 hours his dream to make over £1 million was achieved as the story went viral via social media and was then supported by major media channels including the BBC, ITV, Sky TV and newspapers such as The Mirror. Stephen’s aim to spread his motivation and outlook on life with as many people as possible has been fulfilled. His journey will help you put your own life and business in perspective, encouraging you to use the time you have as positively and productively as possible, and ultimately empower you to change your life for better. In Stephen’s words ‘this is not a sob story, this is Stephen’s Story’.

About Mike Pagan
Mike Pagan is a professional inspirational and motivational MC and conference speaker. He is also the Managing Director of ‘Breaking Frontiers Ltd’. Mike talks on key business issues such as productivity, ‘Stop Faffing About’, Measuring Marketing Effectiveness and Clients are for Life not just for Profit. As one of Europe’s leading motivational speakers Mike delivers motivational keynote speeches that are dynamic and inspiring. He is also author of the book ‘Faff’ which means ‘The False Art of Feeling Fulfilled’. Mike lives in Warwickshire, England after several years living in Australia and is married with three children.

During this show we intend to help people to stop procrastinating and make the most of their lives.  If you have or create very compelling reasons to get things done, it is just incredible what you can achieve.  Join us to be dared to stop procrastinating and to get on with the important things you need to get done including living life well! Please share widely to get Stephen’s messages across and if you would like to donate to Stephens preferred charity ‘The Teenage Cancer Trust’ then go to

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About Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper is a trusted advisor, mentor, consiltant, facilitator and speaker. He helps his clients effectively develop themselves and their businesses to new levels. Chris has worked for major global branded businesses including Mars Inc as well as board level for a major pub and restaurant business. He sold his share of his first successful entrepreneurial business to enable him to do work that he finds more fulfilling and to have a greater life balance. His areas of expertise include Business Elevation, Leadership, Talent Development, High Performing Teams, Mentoring, Sales, Entrepreneurship and Self Development. His book on strategies for getting important tasks done is to be published by Penguin Random House. Chris lives in Leicestershire in England. For more information on Chris Cooper and