FlagPatriot Everett has been honored with many awards from the Department of Florida, including Patriot of the Year for 2008-2009, His Chapter 566 was twice Chapter of the Year. Patriot Everett was MOPH National Patriot of the year 2008-2009, and he received the MOPH National Commanders award 2013. Also he has received many awards of recognition from the State of Florida Senators, Congressmen, and local Counties Officials and local Mayors.

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Guest Bio: William “Bill” Everett MOPH, Region IV Commander and Chapter #811 Adjutant

During his Military service, Patriot Everett was wounded in 1967 while with the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment leading a convoy that was ambushed from both sides of the road by VC troops. Though hit by rifle fire himself, Everett helped get the casualties to a vehicle for evacuation and provided cover fire while the wounded were driven to safety. He was awarded both the Bronze Star with “V” Device, and the Purple Heart for his bravery and wounds in that conflict.

He later was awarded two more Purple Hearts, and many other awards as the Silver Star, 2 more Bronze Star with ”V” Device, Soldier’s Medal, Air Medal earned in subsequent conflicts in Vietnam while serving 4 tours of Duty. William “Bill” Everett joined the MOPH in 1984 in Somers Point, New Jersey, and there helped open up a new MOPH Chapter, # 155 Patriot Everett retired from the army after 21 years of service and then was hired by the Trump Organization where he worked for 19 years as the Facilities Manager.

Following this he moved to another area of New Jersey where he worked in a managerial capacity for several more years. Upon retiring again, Patriot Everett moved to Baker, located in the Florida Panhandle, and transferred to MOPH Chapter #566. He held the positions of Adjutant, Jr. Vice, Sr. Vice, and Chapter Commander during his four years with that Chapter. Also during that time period he was the Department of Florida, Chief of Staff (2 years) and the Sr. Vice Commander for 1 year.

Patriot Everett was elected the Region IV Commander at the 2010 National Convention held in Florida, and he has held that position from 2010 until the present time (2014). Also, at the same time he was/is Chapter #811 Adjutant, from 2010-2013 then again 2014-2015.

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