global-reachTo be successful in the 21st century leaders and organizations will need to embrace “feminine values” says John Gerzema. co-author of The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future when he ioins Té Revesz, host of Global Reach: Winning in World Markets on the VoiceAmerica Radio Network’s Business Channel, ( on Thursday, 1 May at 11 AM Pacific Time.

Based on a survey across 13 countries accounting for 65% of Global GDP, Germzema explores why the vast majority of their 64,000 respondents see the keys to 21st century success as competencies widely held to be feminine: selflessness, collaboration, candor, empathy, emotiveness. Traits associated with Athena, goddess of wisdom. He will talk about why 66% of the survey respondents think the world would be a better place if men thought more like women.

In a world that has grown increasingly interdependent, social and transparent, he’ll explore how an Athena business differs in the way it interacts with customers and communities, manages employees and earns profits. And in a world that grown increasingly mistrustful of arrogant institutions he’ll also look how Athena governments manage to serve all constituencies.

How do the survey findings translate into real-world experience? Gerzema will share surprising examples from interviews with 150 leaders & innovators in 18 countries that can help guide companies in charting a future course. How can Athena principles change the global growth paradigm? How can embracing Athena capabilities help companies win in the world marketplace?
Tom Peters says, “The Athena Doctrine is a powerful book. Extraordinary research. Great storytelling. A message both timely and of monumental importance.”.

John Gerzema is a pioneer in the use of data to identify social change and help companies anticipate and adapt to new trends and demands. An author, speaker and consultant, his books have appeared on the bestseller lists of the New York Times, WSJ, USA Today, Fast Co. and many others. A Fellow with the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College, he studies leadership, innovation and social responsibility. As CEO of WPP’s BAV Consulting, John oversees the largest study of consumers in the world. A frequent columnist, his articles were chosen among Strategy & Business “Best of the decade” and his TED talks have been widely viewed. As an advisor for The UN Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign, his latest book, The Athena Doctrine explores the rise of feminine competencies and their impact on leadership, policy and progress. Tom Peters says, “The Athena Doctrine is a powerful book. Extraordinary research. Great storytelling. A message both timely and of monumental importance.” All proceeds of the book support The UN Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign. |  @johngerzema
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Té Revesz is known for her ability to conduct strategic research on a global basis and for her creativity in handling complex business challenges. As principal of GlobalReach-SBI (, a research and advisory firm with a network spanning over 60 countries, Té provides clients with strategic business intelligence on market opportunities and risks. She covers such diverse areas as global branding, new product development, payments and financial services, manufacturing, clinical trials, and political risk. An expert in primary research, Té has interviewed business, government and labor leaders, doctors and technical experts — and has managed focus groups — around the world. She was profiled in Super Searchers Go to the Source as one of the top interviewers in the U.S.  Prior to founding her own firm, Té headed the Industrial & Healthcare Practices of FIND’s Strategic Consulting & Research Group and taught at the Zicklin School of Business (Baruch/CUNY). She was the Editor of Business International’s eponymous flagship newsletter and helped create its country risk service.

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