App:  MyScript Calculator by Vision Objects Inc.

For: iPhones and Android phones

Price: Free

Doing a math problem on your smart phone is not a particularly easy task. If it is a complex math problem, with symbols and expressions that aren’t found on your keypad, it may be impossible.  But what if you could just draw the math problem on your smartphone screen using your fingertip? What if there was an app that could convert your drawings of math numbers, expressions and symbols into digital text and give you the result right on your screen? Well, you can do all of this if you download an amazing app called MyScript Calculator. Although this app is truly easy and simple to use, it is hard to believe it when you see it in action.  If you can draw your equation freehand, using your fingertip or a stylus pen, this app can solve it.  It should be noted that this app is not just a simple addition, subtraction, and division toy.  On the contrary, MyScript recognizes complex math symbols including absolute value, exponents, factorials, pi, logarithms and even trigonometry functions.  It actually recognizes written math terms such as ‘tan’ or ‘sin’ or even ‘log’. An added feature of MyScript Calculator is that it allows the user to clear the whole equation at once or rub out those parts of the equation that need to be changed.

This app is a natural for math students, business people, or anybody that wants a quick and easy way to solve a math problem.

Alex pawlakos

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