Dennis  Pitocco takes us through the highlights and low points along his “solopreneurial” journey, from “banker to publisher” and beyond. Along the way, he’ll share candid insights into pivotal decisions, lessons learned and wisdom gained. Whether you’re a “millennial” thinking about launching a new venture from scratch or a corporate professional seeking insights into how to climb (or perhaps “leap”) the corporate ladder, you’ll capture the fundamentals here. Don’t expect cliché’s, jargon “corporate speak” or vague concepts, but rather a dose of “reality” for those looking for a mix of invaluable candor, “can-do” and inspiration.

Guest Bio:

AS A GLOBAL consumer banking industry veteran, Dennis sPitocco serves as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of ConQuest Partners International – a privately held management-consulting firm. ConQuest maintains a leading-edge practice centered IMG_3476-150x150on all aspects of strategic planning, organizational development and exceptional service delivery. He has also served on the Board of Directors of a number of public and private companies in the US, Canada and Europe. Alongside his business activities, Dennis devotes a considerable amount of time to Non-Profits, currently serving as President of Meals on Wheels of Tampa Bay and Board Trustee of Novadebt (New Jersey), and is an active Member of the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team.

In recent years, Dennis has methodically developed a formidable business advisory channel within the ConQuest global consulting practice – now entirely centered on the tactical leveraging of existing and emerging social media platforms. Along the way, he’s created and launched a series of professional networking Groups across Ushi (China) and Linkedin globally – now spanning all key sectors of the business marketplace. Dennis ultimately parlayed the success of these initiatives into the independent launch of , over which he now presides both as Publisher and Executive Editor while serving as a contributing Member of the “BizProphets” thought leadership Panel.

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