Tune in on The American Heroes Network for their new episode “The Brotherhood of the Red Nile” with guest Dan Perkins who is author and master storyteller who presents the second book in his trilogy about terrorism against the United States.

Walking into a creative writing class at the BIG Arts Center on Sanibel Island in November 2011, Dan Perkins had no idea how dramatic of a turn his life would take after the four week class. The instructor, Nancy Daversa, started by telling the students they would know within the first two weeks if they could write. Dan smiled to himself thinking he would only miss a couple of rounds of golf.

But the writing bug bit Dan Perkins and he found, not only can he write, but he can write fast and with a vengeance. His first story blossomed into a full length novel that he completed in 90 days. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, A Terrorist Perspective, would go on to be the fourth book by one of Nancy Daversa’s students in as many sessions of teaching. Dan’s first book was published in December, 2012, barely a year after taking the course.

One reviewer said, “This book is as current as today’s headlines, but scarier than tomorrow’s.” Filled with twists and turns, it offers a surprise at every intersection as readers will no doubt wonder “Where did that come from?”

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