Global Reach host Té Revesz & Charles Kolb (French-American Foundation) interviews Nobel Prize-winning economist Laureate Edmund Phelps, author of Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change.  The modern values embraced by Western nations fueled widespread innovation by empowering millions of people to think of, develop, and market innumerable new products and processes. Such dynamic grassroots innovation in turn created not just material wealth, but meaningful work, self-expression, and personal growth for growing numbers of its citizens — in short, “mass flourishing.”How do nations create prosperity? How do traditional values suffocate innovation? And how can Western nations regain “high dynamism”?

What makes nations flourish? How have Western nations lost the ability to create mass prosperity and dynamic, grassroots innovation?

But now, Phelps argues, the West has lost its way. Instead of high dynamism, grassroots innovation and mass prosperity, the U.S. and Europe are producing economic stagnation and declining real incomes? Why?

French-American Foundation president, Charles Kolb joins Té to probe Phelp’s assertion that the root cause of the malaise has been the resurgence of “traditional” values on both the left and right. What do the Western nations need to do to regain momentum? What kinds of institutional changes are needed to restore them to states of high dynamism? And how can they get there

Edmund Phelps is a McVickar Professor of Political Economy at Columbia University and Director of its Center on Capitalism and Society. His career began with a stint at the RAND Corporation. Back east in 1960, he held positions at Yale and its Cowles Foundation until 1966, then a professorship for five years at Penn. In 1970 he moved to New York and joined Columbia in 1971. Phelps’s work can be seen as a program to put “people as we know them” back into economic models – to take into account the incompleteness of their information and their knowledge and to study the effects of their expectations and beliefs on the workings of markets. He has adopted this perspective in studying unemployment and inclusion, economic growth, business swings and economic dynamism.”

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