We’re now into the seventh month of 2014 and have had many fantastic guests sharing their wisdom on Be More. Achieve More Radio. July is certainly no exception as we are joined by two new guests, Paul Dunn & Lee Jackson, as well as enjoying two Special Encore Show’s from the archives. Remember, Be More. Achieve More. Radio goes out every Friday at 4pm GMT / 8am PT and has a huge archive which you can access for free, justclick here.  For anybody interested in learning more about Talent Dynamics, please do take a look at my new Talent Dynamics site.Talent Dynamics is a brilliant tool for leadership, team and business development.  Have a fantastic month!

 There is no doubt that the rate of change in the world is speeding up. The rules for success and failure in business are changing as revolutionary companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Virgin impact the world. Economies are in crisis and all industries are under enormous pressure. Yet for the business owner, learning to navigate potentially disruptive change could actually yield the greatest of opportunities. I am delighted therefore that internationally acclaimed expert on the changing world of work, Dr Graeme Codrington is joining us. Graeme is co-founder of TomorrowToday, a global firm of futurists, and speaks internationally to over 100,000 people in more than 25 countries every year! He is a guest lecturer at 4 top business schools including the London Business School, has 5 degrees, including a Doctorate, 4 best selling published books and wide ranging business experience. Don’t miss this show if you want to learn how to turn potentially disruptive change into your advantage. Missed this episode Tune in Now at Be More. Achieve More.

Here’s what you missed on the previous episode “The Power of Small – build your business and change lives.“  We are without doubt in a connection economy and it is the small things that make an enormous difference as to whether people trust you, connect and will engage with you. According to my guest we must ask the question – is my next action going to build a relationship by earning trust or is it going to burn it? During this show, I will be talking to Paul Dunn a 3-time TEDx speaker based in Singapore. Paul is a Senior Fellow in one of the World’s Leading Think Tanks and holds a Lifetime Service Award to the Accounting Profession in the UK. Paul recently featured in Forbes Magazine alongside Sir Richard Branson in a global piece on ‘disrupters’ in business. His book, The Firm of the Future, is regarded as a breakthrough book for professional knowledge firms. He is Chairman of the revolutionary B1G1: Business for Good, a company that’s already enabled businesses to create almost 50 Million giving impacts around the world. Join us if you care about building business and changing lives.

Here’s what to expect for upcoming shows featuring Guests Lee Jackson and Terry Block

Lee Jackson

Bad Powerpoint (and boring presentations) are everywhere! It appears that they have almost become the norm and in many cases people are oblivious to it. It doesn’t have to be that way. Bad presentations are very costly. They can cost money, jobs and reputations, don’t let your slides ruin your pitch! Having myself facilitated a large tender on behalf of a client to find an architectural firm to support a major project we kicked one supplier out at the very start of the process due to amongst other factors a poor presentation. Yet they were the biggest company in the pitch and should have known better! So if you want your presentations to stand out join me with my guest Lee Jackson. Lee Jackson is an international speaker, Powerpoint Surgeon, presentation coach and author of seven books including Powerpoint Surgery. If you want to gain the powerpoint edge this show is a must.  Tune in Friday July 18th for this episode “18th July 2014 – ‘Powerpoint Surgery’ with guest Lee Jackson

Terry Brock

Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the “Klout Score”. If you want to know how influential you are via social media then klout is becoming the standard of measurement. So much so that hotels and airlines are now beginning to check your klout score to help determine the level of ‘special service’ they should offer you. Terry Brock a friend of this show has co-written a new book ‘Klout Matters – How to Engage Customers, Build Your Digital Influence, and – Raise Your Klout Score for Success! On this show he will explain the specific actions we should take to enhance our Klout scores. Also, how we can enhance not only our Klout scores, but our influence and bottom line. Join us for what I am sure will be an incredibly informative show with Terry Brock the global expert to listen to first when it comes to understanding marketing technology. Tune in Friday July 25th for this episode “SPECIAL ENCORE PRESENTATION: KLOUT – How influential are you? With guest Terry Brock