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Hear Ariel & Shya talk about writing their book How To Have A Match Made In Heaven, as well as share their tips on what has kept their relationship vibrant and alive as they approach their 30th wedding anniversary this year. In our world, this week marked 32 years since our first date. In “A Transformational Approach to Dating, Relating and Marriage,” we are pleased to share the practical tips that have kept our relationship loving and vibrant for over three decades.

“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment.” – Georgia O’Keefe

Summer is a lovely time for slowing down and enjoying the world around you.  Slowing down also allows you to tune into your intuition. Those gut feelings and hunches often hold valuable information. Sometimes, they even dissolve decades-long grudges, as in our August Article of the Month  “That Small Not So Still Voice” (based on a true story).

Here’s to enjoying whatever is happening in your world in this moment!

Being Here with Ariel and Shya Kane is an ordinary person’s guide to Modern Day Enlightenment! This show is an exciting exploration, which opens the door to living in the moment. Through discussions and laughter you will discover how to be satisfied in all areas of your life, relate in more honest and natural ways, remain centered during life’s challenges, eliminate stress and dissolve those knee-jerk behaviors that rob you of your spontaneity and creativity. Ariel and Shya invite you to take a journey into Being Here. That is enough to simply, easily have a reality shift where you suddenly find yourself lighter, freer and more alive. Listeners will discover that there are no rules to follow or methods to learn. Being in the moment can transform even an ordinary circumstance into a profoundly moving, enlightening event. Don’t Miss Being Here! Tune in every Wednesday at 9:00 AM/PT, 12:00 PM/ET with Ariel and Shya Kane, right here on the 7th Wave Channel.