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Is now a good time to invest in India? “Yes!” say my guests, Gaurav Aggarwal, CFA & Piyush Sharma co-founders of Metis Capital Management, both the cyclical & structural factors are improving due to the political changes & economic climate. The government of Narendra Modi & his business-friendly Bharatiya Janata Party is trying to attract more foreign investment & boost business by lowering barriers & clarifying tax laws. But India is different from other emerging markets in terms of sector mix & pace of development; its structure & politics make it a most complex market. So what does it take to invest successfully in India or penetrate its $2 trillion domestic market? Metis runs 2 portfolios: India Undervalued & intriguingly India Underserved. Aggarwal & Sharma share their deep-dive forensic approach to finding small & mid-sized cap firms that helped them achieve an 84% return over the past 36 months. Their strategy can also help you ID the right sector & partner for your products. Tune in now for this Global Reach Episode “The Modi Effect: Metis Capital Management Co-founders on Optimism and Opportunities in India.”

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