Protecting your business from internal and external threats is an unfortunate necessity in today’s global economy. In addition to cyber criminals and disgruntled employees, international markets are plagued with disputed transparency, material misrepresentations and corruption.  Due diligence has never been more challenging.

So how can you get the actionable Intel you need?

Well a touch of global clandestine experience couldn’t hurt!

Former NCIS Special Agent Mark Johnson, CEO of Sovereign Intelligence LLC, shares how they combine proprietary cyber technology with human Intel to protect companies’ assets, bottom lines and brand reps.

Mark Johnson


Mark Johnson is CEO of Sovereign Intelligence LLC. As an attorney, former NCIS Special Agent and intelligence case officer, Mark’s legal, investigative and global clandestine experience offers sophisticated clients the credibility and trust necessary for strategic decision-making.

Charles Kestenbaum


Charles Kestenbaum, Director of  Global Intelligence also serves as President of BK International, and is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on Middle East business.

Joined by Middle East business expert, Charles Kestenbaum, SI’s Director of Global Intel, they’ll tell you how to mine the deep web.

  • Why you should never underestimate the peer-to-peer world.
  • What cyber tools can help shape your decision-making and protect your company?
  • What defines cyber Intelligence in the era of big data and cloud computing?
  • How do you conduct a Cyber Security Forensic Investigation?
  • How will corporate intelligence developing in the next 5 years

Join us for a lively discussion and insightful answers to these provocative questions for a new episode of Global Reach for “Diving Deep into the Deep Web: Cyber Sleuths Protect Your Brand Rep and Bottom Line

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