Charles Kolb is President of French-American Foundation-United States

“Everywhere we look,” says former White House advisor, Charles Kolb, “the U.S. seems to be driven by short-term thinking and short-term decision making.”

SHORT TERMISM has become the mindset of corporate America and a value embedded in American culture. Corporate decision making is driven by quarterly earnings performance, government by next election. Capital markets regarded by many as casinos rather than vehicles for long-term investment. Even education policy is driven by short term test results. The results? U.S. students lag their international peers, infrastructure crumbles, innovation declines, corporate governance becomes an oxymoron and long term shareholder value is actually destroyed. Can the U.S. turn it around? How? Meanwhile, how can international competitors use the U.S. fixation on short termism to their advantage when marketing in the U.S. and competing with U.S. companies abroad?

We are all operating in a dynamic global marketplace, whether we reach across borders to find new customers and fresh ideas or face overseas competitors in our home market.

Global Reach embraces the opportunities and challenges we encounter when operating in multiple countries and cultures. We talk with entrepreneurs and executives about their strategies for winning in fast changing world markets: cross-cultural communication, global branding, media and marketing, transportation and manufacturing, the future of finance, alternative investment strategies, innovation and IP protection.

Global Reach interviews thought leaders about 21st century megatrends that impact international entities: trends like the business and politics of sustainability, the morphing nature of competitiveness, globalization, global companies vs national governments, worldview and growth prescriptions, emerging markets issues, and the corporate impact on society (governance, ethics and leadership).  Tune in for a new episode of Global Reach for “As Americas Fixation on the Short Term Erodes U.S. Competitiveness and Shareholder Value Is there a Silver Lining for Global Competitors?” on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

Guest Biography: Charles Kolb

Former White House advisor Charles Kolb is President of French-American Foundation-United States, the principal non-governmental organization linking France and the US. Before July 2012, he served as President of the Committee for Economic Development, a leading, nonpartisan, business-led research and policy organization that promotes sound macroeconomic policy affecting the US economy. From 1992-to-1997, Kolb served as General Counsel of United Way of America. During the George H. Bush administration he served as Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy (1990-1992). From 1983 to 1990, he held positions at the Office of Management and Budget and US Department of Education. Prior to government service, he practiced law in Washington, DC. He also was a law clerk to US District Court Judge Joseph H. Young. He also authored a book on policymaking in the first Bush White House as well as numerous law review and op-ed articles.