I’ve run the men’s workshop Black Belt in the Bedroom twenty times over the past six years, and it’s been fantastic! With feedback like: 

“In the short time since the Black Belt seminar, my partner has said that our sex has turned “180 degrees”, and that you are a “miracle worker” !”
“Black Belt in the Bedroom was the most amazingly useful workshop I have ever done!”

But only local men could attend, and not everyone feels comfortable going to a workshop. So…I’ve released the same content as a four-week on-line program! Now in your own time, in the privacy of your own home, anywhere in the world, you can access this same great information to help you become a great lover, the kind of man who brings out the best in a woman. 

Each week of this program you get access to exclusive information in three videos plus support audio and written material.

Week 1: Being A Man
#1 The Yin and Yang of Manliness
#2 Solo-Cultivation
#3 Q&A

Week 2: Understanding Woman
#1 The Intoxicating, Infuriating Nature of Woman
#2 Keep Her Simmering
#3 Q&A

Week 3: Making Love to a Woman
#1 Real sex, it’s not a performance
#2 “The Manual” (or as close to one as you’re gonna get)
#3 Q&A

Week 4: Riding the Tantric Wave
#1 The Art of Sex
#2 Get to the Horny Face 
#3 Be A Black Belt in the Bedroom

There are countless sex tips and tricks books (if you want to settle for being a yellow belt) but they miss out on the essence of what it takes to be a black belt in the bedroom. I’m not talking to little boys about how to get laid. This is not white belt land!

I’ve actually got a black belt in Aikido, so I like the analogy that being a great lover is like being a great martial artist, you have to work at it to hone your ability. And the martial arts are surprisingly like sex, in terms of feeling and flowing with the energy of your partner.

In this program we  look at sex from a scientific point of view as well as an energetic point of view. I use Taoist and Tantric concepts that are applicable to sex in the modern world.

You’ll learn Tantric Sex for men, how to make awesome love to a woman, and how to have better sex and last longer in bed!

If you want to master anything, you have to work at it, you have to study and learn and practice – and I reckon sex would have to be one of the best things to study and practice! 

The women of the world want you to be the best man you can be and the best lover you can be. So for the cost of less than one private session with me:

Do the women of the world a favour, do your woman a favour – become a great lover, a Black Belt in the Bedroom …

…it could be the best thing you ever do! Click here to register!



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