Can you look back on your life and think of some moments, some particular circumstances and decisions that you made that were defining moments? Perhaps now you would like some re-defining moments? Well today we are speaking to award-winning author, Dennis Merritt Jones about his latest book, Your (Re)Defining Moments~Becoming Who You were Born to Be. And who were we born to be? Well, that’s the question of the day. Dennis is the author of two other books, The Art of Uncertainty, and The Art of Being both of which are award winners. And he is a columnist for the Huffington Post and Science of Mind Magazine. He is a speaker and a member of the Leadership Council for the Association for Global New Thought. We are very fortunate to have him on the show today. If you are wishing to define your life, this show is for you.

Dennis Merritt Jones is an award-winning author, a columnist for the Huffington Post and Science of Mind magazine. He is a member of the Leadership Council for the Association for Global New Thought, an organization whose mission is to consciously bring forth the evolving human and an awakened world through the practice of universal spiritual principles and the energy of unconditional love. He is Dennis is a universal speaker who is equally comfortable speaking to an audience seeking spiritual inspiration or to those seeking a purely secular motivational message. His most recent book, and the focus of the Authentic Living show is Your (Re)Defining Moments ~ Becoming Who You Were Born to Be, was released on May 28, 2014. His prior releases include The Art of Uncertainty and The Art of Being, both of which have been recipients of the Nautilus Awards and the Better Life Award from the Multiple Sclerosis Society. For more information, please contact info@DennisMerrittJones.com.

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