The Tantric Lounge is back for it’s third season! And this time we’re having a lot of interesting conversations – with Sex Geeks! Your host Jacqueline Hellyer, is definitely a Sex Geek, fascinated by sex in all it’s aspects, from the physical, to the social to the spiritual. Each week in this season she and her co-host, Xavier Waterkeyn will be chatting with interesting people on fascinating topics.

They started last week with the first episode where Jacqueline interviewed her co-host, Xavier about his work as a Brain Coach and how that relates to Sex Coaching. This week they are talking to Cyndi Darnell about The Anatomy of Sex, and in particular Cyndi’s work on producing a comprehensive atlas of human sexual anatomy. The week after they’ll be talking to futurist, Ross Dawson, on the Future of Sex.

So join us each week down on The Tantric Lounge, where we talk Sex, Science and Spirituality!