Can our kids help make the world a better place? A Better World thinks so! This week we’re discussing a new crowd-funding Kickstarter campaign to create a safe, online, family-friendly game. A Better World for Kids is a virtual world game where kids help adults to save the day through positive actions and attitude.

A Better World is the same Do-Good Games and Apps company that launched BetterWorldians Radio last year to expand its mission and highlight people around the globe who are doing good. You’ve been listening to Ray, MarySue, and Greg ever since!

This year, A Better World is embarking on a new mission to make the world better for kids, but they need your support! On this week’s episode, you’ll learn all about their new game concept A Better World for Kids and how you can help them reach their fundraising goal to produce and distribute the game.

Tune in to BetterWorldians Radio to learn more about the Kickstarter campaign for A Better World for Kids!


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