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Whether you are young or old, the sky is a source of wonder. The burning ball of fire that lights up our solar system, the moon that casts shadows on a calm, dark night, the heavens are majestic. People often conflate astrology and astronomy, and in today’s show, our hosts, Henna Hundal and Caiseen Kelley, explain the differences and importance of each field with the assistance of our guest astrologer.
Pandora Astrology
Jamie Kahl Miller, and aspiring astronomer, teen Shawn Honaryar. Astronomy is the scientific stuffy of stars, planets, and objects in outer space whereas Astrology is the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets influence lives, events, and behaviors. Techy Talk Reporter, Caiseen, also shares the coolest apps for observing the night sky. Express Yourself!™ shoots for the stars and lands on them with this stellar show focusing on Astrology and Astronomy. Listen at Voice America Kids Radio and for photos, descriptions, links, and listen at Express Yourself Radio.
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