I listen to talk radio a lot.  Being a talk show host leads you into the talk show world and I always want to improve not only the vocabulary, find new issues to talk about and I just enjoy the learning process.  So I have been hearing this term “Unfunded Liabilities” quite a bit and I know it is election season so we hear all kinds of issues.

This topic, however, is something I want to talk about in depth, as it really gets my motor firing!

I am convinced that the best way to deal with our nation’s unfunded liabilities is for each and every one of us to deal with our own, personal, unfunded liabilities of health, fitness, happiness, and finances.

I want us all to improve our quality of life.

In our efforts to build the American dream, encourage people to work hard and be good law abiding citizens our society invented the safety net of social services and financial back-ended rewards such as pensions and social security.  Great motivators, and I am all about motivation, however when you put in the time and then the reward is not there when you need it creates the “great consternation”, this my friends is called “Unfunded Liabilities”.

If you borrow money from a bank, you are expected to pay it back. If you gamble at a casino on your credit card, you are expected to pay back your losses. If you promise a friend to help them in the future, your friend expects you to help. If you don’t have the cash to pay back the loan, squander your credit on gambling, or have no intention of helping your friend, those are “Unfunded Liabilities” which will damage your relationship. A bank can harm your credit rating, and you might lose the friend; the gambler may bring some real hurt to collect the debt.


Ignoring debt can only make matters worse, putting your head in the sand will not protect you when the tsunami hits the shore.  Unfunded liabilities, entitlements, pensions and the like started as great ideas.  However moving forward into the future they have become the albatross around our country’s neck.

We don’t have to do it alone. We can help each other solve our own problems… together. Friends help friends, neighbors help neighbors, and, ultimately, citizens reach out to each other to improve our collective health, fitness, and finances. That will make a lot of us happy.

It is time to step up and fix things.  Through adversity grows opportunity I like to say.

I call this idea the Boomers Rock 21st Century Deal.

We need to become engaged in the process of improving our QOL (quality of life), because our road trip is just beginning and we need all of the tools and supplies that will make this a memorable road trip into the future, so what are these “tools and supplies”?

Here is the start of our list, and I would like everyone to contribute their own thoughts. No idea is a bad idea; that’s why it’s called “Boomers Rock”, not “Boomers Die”!


Live in the moment and look forward to the future. Reminiscing is Ok but we have way too many cool things coming to dwell.

Take small steps to improve your QOL. Great road trips take planning, making changes in your life takes time. Use your imagination, set goals, adopt a positive mental attitude.  Now we are talking!

Accept the fact that to worry about unfunded liabilities and entitlements is a waste of time. Strategize, find your passion and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Build your foundation for the road-trip by equipping the bus with all of the tools that will empower us to have a blast. Whether it’s education, training, or volunteering, nutrition, fitness and rest, all of these tools need to be in our toolbox.   I have been building our collective mindset on the talk show to think in the present and our futures in regard to our finances with anticipation not dread.  I do not like to do negative talk radio, so focusing on our family of listeners and knowledgeable guests, our collective is in the light of positivity.  So that is where the concept of the “ReFirement-Zone” came to life.

The “igniting your life” and kicking “Retirement” to the curb is the mindset of all of us at the “Boomers Rock” nation.

Jump on the proverbial bus, make our voices strong, and find your seat! There are plenty available on the bus, welcome aboard!


Tom Matt is the host of “The Boomers Rock Radio Talk Show” heard here on VoiceAmerica.  He welcomes email at- tom@boomers rock.us or comment on Twitter- Boomers_Rock