Would you like to feel really good about your sexuality?

I believe women have extraordinary sexual potential, which after so many centuries of suppression and the the last few decades of confusion, means that many women have no idea of their potential or how to reach it. And if women are missing out then sure as hell their partners are too!

It’s one of the great joys of my work to open women up to the wonder of their sexuality. I do this through private sessions and my wonderful Luscious Woman Workshops and Retreats which I’ve been running for the past ten years, with feedback like…

“You’ve shown me how to feel the way I’ve always wanted to. Thank-you for deliciously weaving my spirit and sexuality back together,”

“I feel entirely transformed. It’s not new in the doing, but the sense of self residing within has changed – and that has changed everything.”

So I’ve taken all this experience and created the four-week Luscious Woman On-Line Program. Now, at a much lower cost, you and any woman anywhere at any time can access this same great information to help you feel sexually confident and get in touch with the beauty and power of your female sexuality.

I released my men’s online program, Black Belt in the Bedroom, last month and I’ve been getting great feedback on the content and format: 
“The videos were beautifully engaging, I felt like I was in the consulting room with you!”
“Watched the first video already, it’s opened my eyes and I could relate to it soooo much :-)”


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Week 1: Being A Woman
#1 The Yin and Yang of Womanliness
#2 Connect to Your Sexual Self
#3 Q&A

Week 2: Women’s Bodies Are Sexual Pleasure Machines
#1 The Anatomy of Female Desire
#2 Keep Yourself Simmering
#3 Q&A

Week 3: Meeting Your Man
#1 The Complementary Sexes
#2 Penis Play
#3 Q&A

Week 4: Riding the Tantric Wave
#1 The Art of Sex
#2 Awaken Your Vagina
#3 Feel the Purr of a Luscious Woman

It’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s informative and it’s transformative. Let me help you weave your spirit and sexuality back to together. You deserve it.