Put away your fly swatter and get out the welcome mat.
Of the more than 120,000 species of annoying flies, the Black Soldier Fly is the one you want to invite to dine  in your compost pile that is! Sometimes called the “privy fly”, the larvae of these beneficial soldiers hungrily devour waste, eliminate odors, increase decomposition, and reduce the possibility of disease with their powerful chewing, shredding, and digesting capabilities.
Black Soldier Flies, a true fly, are one of the most beneficial insects for waste and environmental management. Unlike a vampire, the adult fly has no mouthparts, living off the stored energy they built up as larvae. At ¾ -7/8 of an inch long, adult flies don’t bite, sting, nor transmit any illness. Males and females mate in flight, ultimately hatching five hundred or more eggs in compost bins, out houses, and manure.
The non-pest insatiable larvae consume twice their weight daily converting waste into protein and fat rich feedstuff that can be fed to birds, animals, worms, or used as additional compost. They also protect against the breeding of pest flies. You can buy a working colony or easily develop one yourself by composting (with adequate drainage in the bin or pile) your biodegradable materials including food, fruit, and vegetables with chicken, rabbit, pig, horse, cow, or goat manure. As biocomposters, Black Soldier Flies are nature’s fastest food and waste recyclers.
Because of their high amount of nourishing proteins and fat, companies are developing tasty BSF maggot recipes to feed the world.  Who knows, they may be coming to dinner!
As I wish you and your little princesses, pirates, and pumpkins a happy and safe Halloween, I leave you with a bit of garden Halloween humor:
a. What is a vampires’ favorite flower?    (Bleeding Hearts)
b. What is a werewolf’s favorite legume?   (Human Beans)
Happy Halloween, Happy Gardening, Happy Composting!
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