For those of you new to the world of Consciousness Technologies we support connecting to the field of the Heart and Universal Consciousness as a way to navigate being human. We create the space and awareness of how essential it is to life to understand that we are individuals having a collective experience sharing planet Earth. We are all part of consciousness in action, consciousness evolving. When we value ourselves we can value others. When we value our ability to feel our physicality and express our emotions in useful ways we are empowered to make changes and enjoy a sense of wholeness and enjoy those around us in new ways.

Heart means many things. It is a physical centering in the body as organ. It is our emotional center filled with our capacity to connect with self and others and it holds a realm of sensations. It is also the core, the essence of the collective experience, the All, Unified Consciousness. It is our playground and Grace is the medium. It offers Potential as the conduit to shift within the spectrum.

For many our emotional heart is not user friendly. It is filled with all kinds of sensations that are often unexpressed and suppressed and fill us with anxiety and grief. It is also home, a place of joy, compassion, wonder and grace. It is a place where whatever is present is okay, only something to indicate how we are relating to ourselves and our experiences of the world.

The following came out of a session with a client where a portal, doorway, window, access point to the energies of Love opened up. It is worth sharing. In a state of user friendly information, use your skill sets that we have been offering on the show or with what you know and access into the heart space of the All. Notice was sticks out to you or resonates in some way. Allow yourself to question and maybe just witness what you find. Embrace it all. Play.

In love-Action
Out of love- Action
Acting out of love
Being out of love
No love, no longer
Be love
Keep love
Keep alive
Loss of hope, friend, companion
Loss of time, people, place
Hold on, panic, fear, placement
Knowing, knowledge
Self lust
Self love
Self feeling
Self telling
Self falling
Love squared
Love warped
Love squeezed
Love out of sync, time, place
No place, no love, no nourishment
Love is a place in time
We hold on, to have place
Love is only feeling that wants to be real, validated, experienced
In Love
Out of love
Love as a series of dimensional gateways, like Dominos of squared soap bubbles holding a shape or frame that connects them all.


Check back next week for more to play with. Drop me a line and let me know how you did.


Janet Barrett
Metaphorically Speaking/ Intuitive Energy Release

©2014 Janet Barrett