Transcending Fear ©2014 Joan M Newcomb

Two of my friends just returned from the East Coast. One stayed in a cabin in New York that was over 100 years old, another stayed in a similar place in Vermont, that I think was even older.

What life must have been like back then. No electricity, no running water. No neighbors for miles. You could possibly go without seeing another person for months. A letter could take even longer to reach you. New traveled slowly.

Even though people lived in survival then, your primary focus was growing, making, or getting enough food to sustain you, staying safe from animals or outlaws, there was time for reading, reflection, creative arts.

Now we take so much for granted, a roof over our heads, groceries in our fridge, it seems we have to artificially manufacture things to freak us out. We like thriller movies and amusement park rides that make us scream.

Faux News doesn’t really communicate current events, it uses language and distorted ideas to transmit fear.

When I look at this energetically, I see the energy of fear pulling the focus away from Consciousness and towards form. Really, it’s survival energy. It looks like the original intent is to remind folks to take care of physical needs, to not get so caught up in prayer and meditation (things that connect you to Spirit) that you forget to eat and sleep.

It’s distorted now in that it disconnects you from your higher awareness, so that you’re running in circles thinking you’re gonna die.

The irony is that, disconnect from Spirit, you do feel like you’re dying. When spirit leaves the body, what happens to body?

With the energy of survival moving into form, towards density, and the energy of Consciousness moving towards Source, it may seem like conflict. But it’s actually in harmony. Breathing in, breathing out, moving in, moving up. Except it’s happening simultaneously. Kinda like the circular breathing needed for bagpipes or didgeridoos.

When we go through growth periods, it can feel like we are dying. We are expanding in our awareness, we are growing as Consciousness. But our limitations are disintegrating. Aspects of our personality are passing away.

As we are gaining in expansiveness, we can still stay connected to our bodies. We can assure them with comfort and affection. We can give them naps, bubble baths, chocolate… we are not abandoning the physical realm, we are taking our body/personality vehicles along with us in this adventure.

Perhaps fear isn’t to be transcended but transmuted. The energy of survival can produce creativity and abundance. Embrace it, take ownership of it. Navigate it’s white water with the seniority and skill as the magnificent, all knowing, Conscious Being that you are.