This week’s radio show is a combination of topics that will include Dr. Deborah Heiser and her analysis of ‘Understanding Depression’, a thought provoking and unique perspective.


Our ‘Boomers Rock Local‘ guest is Sandy Parker, owner of ‘On the Path Yoga’, in Spring Lake, Michigan. She shares how you can enable your new path to health and happiness.

Broadcast Saturday November 1st, 2014 on WGHN 1370 AM, Grand Haven, mornings 9-10, and airing throughout the western shore cities of Lake Michigan, inspiration and empowerment begin here. Our rebroadcast of this show on VoiceAmerica occurs on Monday November 3rd, 2014 at 6:00pm est.

First understand the warning signs of depression, the debilitating effects, symptoms and action points to potentially help you recognize potential problems and solutions; Dr. Heiser is an expert sharing the insight. We talk about the Robin Williams situation, which recently shocked our world of being in his generation and made me wonder, “Wow, if such a fantastic entertainer and funny man such as Robin Williams can have such a dark side, we really need to talk about this.”


My pal, and personal virtual long distance Psychologist, Dr. Debbie and I will share this and much more on this week’s episode. Loving Dr. Debbie is easy!

Sandy Parker follows Dr. Debbie with her inspiration and thoughts on eleven years in Spring Lake and the Tri-Cities, building a business that encourages the holistic side of fitness.


Have I said how much I personally love Yoga?

Sandy is a dynamo!

She will share her ‘Magic’ solutions, the balance of flexion, posture and the importance of alignment and posture. Do you understand the importance of flexion and walking? Do you suffer from ‘Arthritis?


Sandy will share her background, knowledge and help you toward self-improvement. Thirty one years of marriage and two children feed into Sandy’s enthusiasm.

Please listen to a fun show and if you miss the broadcast on Saturday November 1st at 9:00 am on WGHN or the internet syndication on VoiceAmerica on Monday November 3rd do not despair we always have the podcast!