We have a lot of energy up in our play group and among friends about the price of living in harmony with others. For some it is the cost of friendship. For others it is the cost of loving others. We have learned at what cost our conditions about life is about for each of us. With consciousness technologies we learn how to shift that knowledge into something more rewarding. What if we were easier with what life wants to be for each of us and what if we could move out of the stuck patterns easier? What if we could first question how we think life has to be? What if we knew that realities abound in the spectrum of life and that we don’t have to be too attached to any of them? And that we are choosing on the level of where this awareness is?

Some of us have the rule set that things can be good for a while and then stuff happens. Having a friend can be good and then sabotage takes place in some way. We start in a state of hope that this time will be different and then disappointment ensues. We love our child and then they are taken from us. Further interactions are fraught with concerns and compromises never met. It is never the same again. Years later it would still seem the same.

The realities are that we are different. From the perspective and conversations of being consciousness in action, consciousness evolving we are not the frightened fearful children hanging on to lost illusions. Yes, we are still innocence having experiences and now those experiences are getting us wiser and more aware of what is possible. If we are in the reality that we are malleable still, it is easier. We can’t change the past in our currently held reality but we can change how we relate to the past. When we change how we relate to the past we change as we are in the now and the future is then different.

There is nothing wrong with pain and suffering. Hey, I know that they don’t feel good. I lived like that for maybe 50 some years. The last ten years have been about feeling appreciation for being able to learn and feel something different. Now they only serve as valuable tools to making choices and the awareness that some lifetimes would seem to be about no rewards, no way to win, no way to find grace in being embodied. Yet, in being willing to go to that space or place within it is possible to find grace and change the patterns. The flight/fight/freeze mechanisms we each employ to threat are there when we feel overwhelmed to stand our ground and challenge in our own power. Often they are still running without notice. Getting them turned of is helpful. Now we are able to deal from a centered sense of self. Think of the martial artist. Not always the biggest guy in the bunch but someone everyone can be leery of, not so easily pushed around.

Living in harmony with others is about living in harmony with ourselves. We are unique, often mystifying collections of feelings, impressions, learnings all sharing in our field of being called self. We are multidimensional sensory apparatus. Taking time to spend time in heart space and ask for new information about old patterns and able to engage potential as real is good. Releasing what is there into new patterns of being is key to a new sense of wholeness. Which is different than an often sense of what is missing as being or not knowing what is missing, just that something is missing kind of being. Use what pains you. Show appreciation for it. It is telling you where you are stuck. Allow a way for it to be useful and to release what is held.

We are all in less pain. We are all suffering less. We have moments now between the pain and suffering. We are aware of what we hold onto maybe is not ours, not us, just sensations as clutter. They may only be energies picked up along the way to match and validate our biases of beliefs about who we are in this life. It is as easy as questioning what you find to be real. If you employ the word “seems” what shows up differently?



Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond

Life in the Beyond: The cost of living in harmony 10/29/14 ©2014 Janet Barrett