Hello All,

Been seeing dead people here and there. Celebrating Halloween here in the US or Day of the Dead in other countries certainly sets a tone. So do people dying in strife and carnage in other places around the globe. Some of us deal a lot with dead people and some not so much.

We are noticing in group, clients and in my own life, about energies that were living and no longer holding human form. It has been about serving as witness to life passing, life needing recognition and influences present without individual awareness. All of it, energies with some sort of form and distinction now or at one time and loose, sometimes lost, sometimes still with something to say or still creating influence unwanted. We served as witness, offered direction, validating having been, releasing the trapped within, and showing no fear or feeling the fear and being okay with it. Some of us work big fields of references and serve as portals to certain kinds of energies to interact once again on planet earth. Some of us serve as touchstones for groups of population of the past.

In terms of consciousness all is okay and has place and perhaps meaning. Since we get to decide the meaning it can feel good or bad, wanted or unwanted and everything in between. If you don’t judge it, let it be neutral in influence and experience it is just energies circulating in disembodied states affecting embodied states. Sometimes it can be a projection of energy with a recognizable presence or just a sense of something. Whatever, often the holidays and family gatherings seem to present a thinning of the veil between here and there. Many of us can feel the comfort of a loved one who has passed and then there can be the discomfort of unhappy energies present in a location. All allow us to be aware of how we relate to the unseen forces at play. Current media can create all kinds of responses in us to what we can’t see or explain. Not all of it is helpful and actually serve as powerful fear generators.

Consciousness allows for all. It does not judge, it does not limit. Over the years I have been fortunate to experience many different ways life can be sensed. I tend to not judge it as who am I to say what is or is not, knowing that that is for each of us to dance with. If there is no time, no space in the multidimensional realities of the All, I am only looking at how it is all playing with me and what I want to do in response.

Maybe you too can talk with dead people. Maybe you are comfortable with that awareness or not. Whatever the case may be, let it be okay. Take the time to use your Consciousness technologies skill sets or what you know or have learned listening to our show and drop into heart space. Information can show up in any form at any time. Let what shows up be useful even if you think it might not be. Play. Allow your experiences and awareness of energies to show up as guides, angels, dogs, a big daisy face, your grandmother, gremlins, whatever works for you.

Ask the question “if I could have some help here….” Who would show up? Play accordingly.

Ask the question “ If I could help someone here….” Who would show up? Play accordingly.

Wisdom may be revealed, solace offered, connection reestablished, fears met and replaced with clarity. Whatever shows up is okay. Because that is what heart space is all about. It is a place of grace, offering warmth, support, non judgment. Many energies are not familiar with that state. It will invite the curious, the threatened, those who are threatened by grace, etc. etc. etc., depending on how you embrace life. The key is to be in heart space and not your emotional heart or mind which will have a personal investment or judgment.


Janet Barrett
Metaphorically Speaking/Intuitive Energy Release

©2014 Janet Barret