Hello All,

Another Monday has rolled around. Here in the comfort of a life not filled with strife and mayhem lurking and survival questionable I can notice Mondays. Some of you may not have that luxury. Your attention is elsewhere.

For some there is probably comfort in their Monday routines. And, then again, there may be discomfort or boredom in having those routines. For some who maybe travel a great deal and don’t know where there are from one Monday to the next maybe that is comforting. For those retired, who follow no set schedule they may enjoy the freedom of no routine and their new routine is to have no routine. Or, maybe to miss the old routine.

There are a myriad of ways to experience Mondays. How do you experience your Mondays? Are they fresh starts to the week of routines or they a way to celebrate life? If you take the judgments out of the equation and question, they are only ways that Consciousness experiences itself in many different ways on Monday. The question might be ”Does Consciousness as you experience something different on Tuesday or Wednesday or any other day of the week, the month, the year, the lifetime?”

Where do you start your week? What is you baseline when your eyes open? Is there joy in awakening, before the radio alarm goes off or is it something else you feel? When your conscious mind engages and gets you up and out of bed and into your routine of the day, are you celebrating? Don’t judge but just notice. Do you take a moment to experience a sense of well being at any point? Does it take two rounds of the snooze button, the light in the bathroom going on, the sounds of the rest of the house and neighborhood chiming in and your coffee before the well being is present? How have you conditioned your self to meet the day? Routine can be reassuring and can be grinding also.

What if you changed your expectations a bit? What if you woke up and felt good? What if the twinges of the body were only that, just a twinge of memory of before you did something and after you did something, colliding, and could be reset? The dreams and nightmares of the night before only ways to work out the puzzles in life? What if your emotional terrain was clear and connected and where you started your day from? That is the routine I would like to embrace more than not. I am working at it. I am playing at letting go of the things that I think define me upon waking and challenging myself to question all, assume nothing. If every day started that way, what would I be free to see and experience new? It is not the coffee that gets me going, it is not the fear that I will be late to work, or even the need to get the others in the house going. It is only my heart, willing to beat another moment in joyous contemplation of another beat and appreciation of all the beats before and that might be in my future. That is the routine I look I embrace. My willingness to look at what says otherwise is my routine of curiosity, questioning, engaging, evolving.

I don’t want to wake up every morning feeling the same old stuff if I don’t have to. I want to feel something new and different no matter what it might be. I can’t couch it in only feel good if I am in fear of not feeling good. It has to come from within a space of “Feeling is good and feeling good is even better. And I will feel many things and it is all part of the whole of being and feeling. All of it is life.”

Take a moment to notice what it is you feel upon waking. Let it be okay and then let it be only a starting point. Take the moments to go through what is possible in that day if wonder and delight were real and available. Find that state and invite it in if it is out there somewhere. Then get up and start your day.


Janet Barrett

©2014 Janet Barrett