Toney Nicacio is a gay man and loves the Book, “Don’t Get Married, Get a Five Year Contract”, but he Wants to get married!  Lori Jae and Toney know each other well as they both are Psychic Practioners in the Phoenix Area.  However, Toney brings a different perspective to the discussion as he does want marriage but also agrees with much of the book.  They will bring both perspectives to the table and talk sincerely about how they feel about this topic.  Toney, is an eloquent speaker who was born in California and had an active lifestyle in San Francisco. He will speak about his life and what have been the experiences that have helped formulate his feelings of marriage and life in general.


Join Toney and Lori Jae as they explore many sides of life along with their abilities as psychics, past life readers and mediums in Phoenix and other areas they lived. What a fun nooner this will be! Toney Nicacio, a fellow psychic and good friend, will bring to us some of his history while living in San Francisco, along with how he would like to help fellow gay men with their Spiritual Journey along with people in all walks of life! Toney is a gifted born psychic who’s abilities began at the age of 9. He is an empath, healer, clairvoyant,and medium. Originally born and raised in California, he spent most of his years in San Francisco and the Bay area. Toney has also worked diligently with police departments in forensics to help find missing persons. With Toney’s engaging personality and deep empathic compassion, he can provide clarity and peace of mind to the heart.