GG and Martin

Grace Gawler, host of Navigating the Cancer Maze says: “We have knowledge of many cycles in our world. The tides, day and night are the most obvious. All creatures great and small are subject to these unseen forces that ultimately shape our life and our experience of it.” The circadian clock in mammals drives many physiological processes including the daily rhythms of sleep–wake behaviour, hormonal secretion, and metabolism. Less known, is that the clock also drives our immune cycles; an important factor in cancer treatment and recovery says Melbourne University Research Fellow Martin Ashdown, who has studied the phenomena for a long time. The science of taking advantage of the body’s own immune rhythm to improve efficacy of treatments is worth paying attention to whether its surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapies, radiation/cyberknife; one thing is now clear – timing of treatment matters! There is a window of opportunity within the 7 days cycle, Martin Ashdown can tell you how to find it.