Mike Koch, Owner of Arizona Automasters in Chandler, AZ. will be discussing his rise out of the ashes of his past of motorcycles, car chases and drugs to become a successful businessman. Mike knows what it takes to find one’s spirituality within and bring it back into a physical reality that brings success.  Mike’s “fast and furious” past and rise to self- responsibility and respect has brought him to be a mentor and strong example for the youth of today. He has been invited to tell his story and has made helping these young people a goal in his life.  Mike has found his way into the spiritual expansion of his life and his business. He believes and speaks to how his desire is to continue to help others find their potential.   As a divorced father, Mike believes strongly in Partnership Contracts and he will share with us why he feels this is the way for long term relationships. You are invited to share with us the journey he made from literally nothing to where he is today.