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Ocean optimism was found at the 13th Annual Green Festival held at Fort Mason in San Francisco last weekend – the largest sustainability festival in the nation.  Many people spoke up on behalf of sustainable fishing for salmon, cod, haddock, monkfish (a.k.a. goosefish), blueback herring, mackerel and redfish (a.k.a. ocean perch).  598 cards were completed by individuals with their names, municipality and state.

Rob Moir, Ph.D., Director of the Ocean River Institute, will personally deliver photographs from the festival to U.S. Senators and Congressman responsible for reauthorization of the Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Management Act.

“Thank you for stopping and spending some time talking sustainable fishing with the Ocean River Institute.  It cheers the decision-makers in Washington D.C. immensely to see constituents taking the time to pick a fish and hand-write out name, municipality and state.”

SF Ocean Optimism Nov 16

We are on our way towards 100% sustainable ocean fisheries because of the 232 managed fish stocks only about 24 fish stocks are still overfished.  Up for reauthorization is the fisheries act that provides the funds to count some of the fish stocks every 3 years.  We want to see increased funding so that all commercially valuable fish stocks are funded.  For example federal funding is available to count the cod stock north of Cape Cod in the Gulf Maine.  However there is no federal funding for counting the cod stock south of Cape Cod and on George’s Bank because the government is compelled to save money at our expense.

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